12 Undeniable Laws For Marriage

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Love and Marriage


For better or for worse is the world’s most difficult contract to live up to.  In employment, you can quit.  In parenthood, the children grow up and live on their own.  With customers, you can choose not to service those that are difficult to collaborate with, but with marriage, you are supposed to stay together forever: “Until death do you part”.  Loving a person without conditions can be difficult.  Investing despite the fact that the person does not invest equally in return can be difficult.  Compromising when you were firm on what you wanted can be difficult.  Collaborating when you wanted to work alone can be difficult.  Most couples are tolerating one another or constantly on the brink of divorce.  Internationally, divorce rates are at all-time highs. Working marriages are the foundation of our society and our world.  We NEED to make marriages work to restore sanctity and soundness to our family structures.

Just a month ago, my husband and I went to a Real Estate seminar in Dallas, Texas.  As I was out enjoying the jacuzzi after the lectures, I started to network with other people who were also staying at the Hilton.  The scenery was beautiful, but some couples were not able to enjoy it because of the animosity between them.   I found that a marriage enrichment program was going on, and some couples had decided once and for all that they would divorce.  It was sad for all those that witnessed them “giving up”.  Circumstances were too substantial for them to understand how to formulate a solution.  They traveled from other states to Texas to give their marriage another “shot”, but still they were not able to make it work.

World-class marriages transform all those that see them; they plant love in all those that witness them.  World-class marriages give birth to love children thru birth and mentorship.  World-class marriages are an asset to our world as they signify loyalty, perseverance, submission, respect, sacrifice, and undying love.  Our world NEEDS to develop more world-class marriages and infuse the positive characteristics in our world that are only sustainable by the representation of marriage.  Here are 12 laws for making marriage work from my latest bestselling “12 Undeniable Laws series”:

1. Always improve your character

2. Learn your purpose as a couple

3. Watch your words

4. Watch your physiology

5. Keep firm boundaries

6. Organize Your Intake

7. Compete With Demonstrations of love

8. Set goals

9. Drop the conditions

10. Ally with power teams

11. Be equal

12. Talk to God

This book provides a lot of information that can transform your marriage regardless of the status of it today.  If you would like to take your marriage from where it is today to a world-class inspiration for others, check this book out today by clicking HERE:


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