12 Undeniable Laws For Prosperity

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Prosperity transcends finances, relationships, spirituality, and property.  I decided that I never want to lack even toilet paper (I believe this firmly. lol).  I never want to run out of soap.  I never want to be guilty or shameful of my actions.  I want to have the right connections to move forward and maximize my potential.  I always want to have abundance in every area of life.  Prosperity and abundance are blessings from God.  Prosperity is a result of your obedience to the promises and your ability to overcome thru trials and tests of God.

Prosperity is not solely a material expectation.  I would venture to say that prosperity is a 10% material expectation, but when the 90% spiritual is walking in abundance, you will learn that the material is a natural counter-effect, and the gratification from the material is far less than what can be achieved from the spiritual abundance (wealth of ideas, wealth of just thinking, wealth of connections, wealth of character, wealth of recieved and given prayers, wealth of solutions, and so on).  The expectation of prosperity is the expectation of access, or the idea that for right relationship with God, you have access to the goodwill of God.

A few weeks ago, we had a guy working for us that told many stories of life circumstances, his choices, and the consequences.  He admitted to making many poor choices in life and at age 35, his health and finances were obviously suffering from his choices.  He had begun smoking as a pacifier for stress in his late teens so he had a horrific cough, he had gotten into a physically abusive relationship so half of his teeth were missing, he had a criminal record from writing bad checks, and the list seemed to go on.

Prosperity begins with taking self-responsibility for your life, and realizing that your life is a picture of your choices.  Once you have taken self-responsibility, there are 12 laws for prosperity that I discuss in depth in my book, 12 Undeniable Laws For Prosperity.  Here is a sneak peak of the 12 Undeniable Laws from my book:

1. Talk to God

Open communication with the One who manufactured you and designed everything on Earth as tools to fulfill an eternal purpose will be paramount for your success.

2. Know that you are a divine design

You were designed for a purpose and God can give you everything you need to manifest it.

3. Get definite about where you are going

Make goals and be clear about what they are.  Make them specific, measurable and attainable.

4. Be willing to grow into your land of substance

Prosperity is an inside out process.  You must be willing to have an inside and outside makeover.

5. Organize your intake from relationships

Not everyone’s advice is going to stimulate your success, so you must guard your ears.

6. Organize your thoughts

Change the momentum from thoughts of doubt and defeat to thoughts of, “I can” and “I will”.

7. Change your habits

Break poor habits and acquire rich habits.

8. Organize your time

Assign your time to important tasks that will stimulate the execution of your purpose.

9. Organize your finances

Assign your finances to forward growth in life.

10. Invest in things with high returns

Relationships, investment accounts, business, and everything else that you invest in should yield high returns (my book gives great ideas for things with high returns).

11. Be a person of character

Your character can attract or repel good connections.  Be willing to improve your character, so that you can have positive people around you.

12. Stay focused on your victories

Be solution focused and know that if you’ve overcome things before that you can do it again.

12 Undeniable Laws For Prosperity packs a lot of information to transform your life.  Others who have read the book have said:

“I’ve read a lot of self-help books, but none quite like this one. This book is an incredibly insightful look at what prosperity is disassociating it from greed and vanity. Author Tiffany Domena spends time giving us a list of the qualities that constitute prosperity and deals with developing and enhancing self-confidence through the power of praying. The author herself has taken some brave life-changing decisions, for which I admire her, and she shares her personal experiences with us in order to empower us to have a prosperity mentality.
Tiffany Domena believes that the wealth is locked within us and she gives the mental, spiritual, and physical tools that herself used to bridge into the lifestyle of her dreams.
There are many real-life stories in this book that I found inspiring and many examples on how to believe yourself and find what your special skills and talents are.
“12 Undeniable Laws For Prosperity” speaks about the power of praying (“when you send a prayer you do not have to dial or wait on ringtone”) with advices on a successful praying. It emphasizes on how much important successful relationships are in prosperity and challenges readers to be innovative. Equally as important, I found the discussion on spirituality and knowing oneself to be indispensable.
I’ll definitely read all the books in “12 Undeniable Laws Series”.

If you desire to be prosperous in every area of your life, this book will give you great insight that will be paramount to your journey. Grab your copy now HERE:




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