4 Ways That You Can Improve Your Character

How To Improve Your Character To Achieve Greater Success




Character is one of the MOST pertinent ingredients to success.  Dr. Myles Munroe said, “character attracts loyalty”.  If you mix together a great idea, passion, money, connections, and bad character, it is still likely that the plan will not work.  People are magnetized or turned away depending on your character, so it is pertinent to know how to improve your character in order that you can maximize your success.  A person with good character earns the trust and favor of others.  They are dedicated to a set of standards and they exercise self-control in order to uphold that standard.  Here are 4 added tips for developing your character:


  • Be more patient


To be candid with you, patience is not easy. But if you are ready to improve your character and be a person worthy of emulation, you must be patient. Not only should you be patient, but you must continually improve on being patient. You can get better.  You cannot love or demonstrate good character on the basis of what or how the other person acts.  You must crucify your own desires, and demonstrate the unconditional Spirit of God.  The Random House Webster dictionary defines patience as bearing provocation, annoyance, pain, etc., without complaint or anger. It says it is persevering or diligent; steady, able and willing to endure; that is what patience is.  Patience requires that you learn a different way to express frustration, that you learn to teach rather than to give up and take authority, and you cannot judge a people by seasons or circumstances of life.


  • Be more kind


Take it or leave it, kindness is a virtue that is worthy of coveting if you want to create a happy marriage. The Scripture demonstrates kindness when it says, “God is kind, slow to anger and plenteous in mercy: The LORD is gracious and full of compassion, Slow to anger and great in mercy. The LORD is good to all, And His tender mercies are over all His works.” You see, it God’s nature to be kind.


In other parts, the Bible expounds further on anger saying that it is foolish, and even more, you should stay away from hot-tempered people.  Anger is a sign that wisdom is not present.  Who wants to be known as a fool?  It is up to you to choose within yourself how you will respond in circumstances that you do not understand or that strike your emotions.


I used to struggle with anger.  Today, I have less common and more controlled episodes of anger.  I have consciously worked to improve my actions and my reactions to situations to alleviate the tumultuous consequences of anger.  I made an agreement within myself that when my thoughts begin to say, “Tiffany, do they know who you are”, and my blood pressure begins to gush thru my veins that I would take captive my thoughts, remind myself of the good in every situation, and separate myself if the situation was too overwhelming to clear by lingering around.  My practice works majority of the time.  Practice wins championships, and so am I.


Kindness is a mandatory asset that must overwhelm good character.  Someone who is kind behaves in a gentle, caring, and helpful way towards other people. He is of a good or benevolent nature.  His disposition is compassionate. He is considerate or helpful.

Consideration is shown by understanding that everyone has a different perception than you, and demonstrating an understanding and interest in their perspective on matters.  Consideration is also shown by giving equal priority and reverence to the other person’s view as you do for your own.  Consideration is a key to good character, and should be practiced.


  • Be more forgiving


To err is human, but to forgive is divine. You bring yourself into the very class of God when you learn the act of forgiveness; it is the greatest thing in the world. Forgiveness is the greatest need in the world. It was for you and I to be forgiven that God sent Jesus. The very essence why God sent Jesus to die for humanity was such that He could offer us forgiveness of sins. And don’t forget that when God forgives, He forgets.  You are the children of your Father God.  Forgiveness should be your ongoing practice.  Release expectations that limit you or your spouse to respond to the voice of God, and expect miraculous transformation every day and all the time.


  • Be more selfless

Did you know that the greatest problem in marriage and in the world at large today is the problem of self? In our society, we have self made millionaires, self help products, and the loud resounding media always says, “Take care of yourself….”, planting a thought process of independence; rather than the interdependence necessary for success.  Everybody wants to be independent.  We have crowned “self” as Lord and King of our Society. The very forces that drive our civilization thrive on self.  In response to united efforts, they say, “what do I stand to gain!” That evil has crept into families and marriages and is eating and destroying it as fast and as hard as cancer. Hey, child of God, if your marriage must work, you must let go of self. It doesn’t mean losing your identity, but taking the attention off yourself to the other person, your spouse. Work at being more selfless.


What tips to you have on improving character?  Leave your comments below.


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