7 Ways That A Non-biblical View Of Sex Can Affect Your Life

How A Non-biblical View Of Sex Can Transform Your Life




Whether you like it or not, whether you have had sex or not, sex has changed you.  You walk around everyday either guarded or loose because of how you were groomed about sex.  You treat people with kindness or distrust because of how you have seen sex valued in relationships.  To better explain what I mean, let me tell you the story of Amanda and Taniesha.

Amanda and Taniesha were classmates in the fourth grade.  They lived within ten minutes of one another.  Amanda grew up with a very intelligent and highly educated single mom while Taniesha grew up with a loving couple.

Amanda’s mother prostituted prestigious men for money, and many times she would see or hear her mother with men.  She saw her mother beat, yelled at, thrown out, and incapacitated because of drugs.  On several occasions, when her mom was completely oblivious because of her drug intake, Amanda was raped.  In the classroom, Amanda was very guarded with men and very seeking of female companionship.  She was unfamiliar with proximity discomforts, and her classmates complained many times saying, “Amanda got too close in my face!”.  She had a very difficult time trusting that people would do good things, so her relationships were always damaged.

Taniesha sat in the same fourth grade classroom as Amanda.  At home, Taneisha saw her parents always displaying affection towards one another.  Sex was sacred and was not permitted to be watched or discussed loosely.  Nakedness was guarded and touching between the shoulders and the thighs was considered off limits for anyone with the exception of your spouse.  In relationships, Taniesha was taught to emulate love and forgiveness, and learned how to do so from the example that she saw of her mom and dad who overcame disagreements peacefully every day.  In the classroom, Taniesha was developing many relationships, she was very well liked, and her classmates always talked about her virtuous character.

Similar to the story of Amanda and Taniesha, your views towards sex effect you daily.  How your family taught you to value sex effects every relationship that you enter.  You are either guarded or loose as a result of how sex has been treated in your life.  Sex effects you by:

  • Changing your perspective on the people’s intent around you
  • It makes you either hypersensitive (seeking) a sexual experience or hyposensitive (avoiding) a sexual experience
  • It effects your ability to create and sustain relationships
  • It effects your relationship with your parents
  • It effects your future aspirations – Typically, you see how your parents views towards sex transformed their lives, so you choose to follow or abandon their path.  It also effects your desire to bear children and your career choices among other things.
  • It changes your perspective on wholeness – Some have been taught to view sex as medicine or a void-filler, others have been taught that sex is an expression of intimacy; either effects your views on wholeness
  • It effects your parenting and mentorship because you will exemplify your values with others

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