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Kingdom of Heaven Ambassador, or KOHA, is a Christian Lifestyle organization that participates in the network of KOHA Lifestyle Improvement Media Group.  We focus on offering spiritual development advice and bringing principles of Entrepreneurship to ministry leaders and those they serve.  KOHA offers Bible studies, books, courses, and other resources to help people develop a more intimate relationship with God and a more effective ministry.

KOHA has a strong voice of anti-complacency and sincere inquiring of God on all aspects of life.  


KOHA serves a audience mostly composed of male and female from the age of 25 and up.  Partnering with KOHA offers you a unique experience to access people very engaged with Bible prophesy, church growth, spiritual awakening, and spiritual intimacy.


Monica is a 25 year old college student.  She was born and raised in the church, but is finding alternative views in her adulthood that conflict with her church upbringing.  She believes in God, but she’s looking for a more intimate and alive relationship with him rather than applying traditions from typical church congregations.

She influences buying decisions in her college, church, and community when she finds people who want to grow closer to God or improve their lives.  She enjoys seminars, events, books, courses, products, and services that can help her grow closer to God, improve her thinking, and overall helps her to be a more resilient person.


Pastor Rick is  a 35 year old Pastor whose been leading a mid-size ministry for 5 years.  He is noticing a drastic change in the church congregation as technology is expanding, and he wants to stay current and offer solutions consistent with modern technology.

Pastor Rick influences buying decisions of his network of social influencers and ministry leaders.  They are looking for ways to fundraise better, easier, faster, and ways to encourage their audiences in the technology age.  They buy books and courses on Marketing, Leadership, Sales, and Spiritual Development.


Thru our advertising services, you can reach people like Monica and Pastor Rick who are looking for spiritual development , entrepreneurial tips for use to start or scale a ministry, and more effective opportunities to encourage others.  Request a FREE MEDIA KIT today and be on your way to put your product, service, event, sale, or giveaway before millions of those in the KOHA target audience!  Visit KOHA Inc. Lifestyle Improvement Media Group NOW!