Affiliate Disclosure

Our Belief and Connection to Affiliate Programs



At KOHA, we believe in complete transparency regarding the way we make our income, which is why we gladly submit to the legal requirements requiring an affiliate disclosure. While our primary focus is on encouraging you to set goals and achieve them in all areas of your life, we are a for-profit business. Our for-profit business model will enable us to help people in impacting ways: giving jobs, delivering valuable products and services, in ministry, and doing philanthropy.



Integrity First in Affiliate Affairs



We speak in complete integrity when we recommend products and services. If we think they would positively impact you (our reader), we recommend them to you. Many of the products and services that we recommend have an affiliate program–meaning we can be compensated by purchases you make thru our integrated links.



Most of the products we recommend are products that we personally love and use. However, there are products that we have only heavily researched, and despite them not being a perfect fit for our families, we believe they have a perfect fit in our readership.



It’s a win-win!



We scout and find things you would love, we tell you about them, you love and buy them, then the company pays us for the affiliate referral! Your purchases thru our links add no additional cost to you.  As an added bonus, at times, we are able to negotiate deals because of the volume of visitors we can send to product and service innovators. On top of all the other goodness, your purchase thru our links enables us to continue writing valuable posts and articles, creating products and services, and giving to encourage others towards their highest potential.



Please note that we are not given any free services in exchange for affiliate reviews, and if a company wanted to pay for a review, we would still provide honest feedback: good or bad because we honor our reputation and the trust of our readers.



If our affiliate product and service recommendations help you, please use our affiliate links to purchase them.  It enables us to continue providing this service.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or contact us.



To your success,

Tiffany Domena