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what is a narcissist

What is a Narcissist? The Biblical Worldview + Steps to Heal

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What is a narcissist?”, or, you want to know the biblical worldview on how to deal with them and heal, you’re in the right place. Relationships are

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gender roles in society

Have Gender Roles in Society Caused Confusion in Your Home?

Since the Women’s Rights movement, there’s been major advancements in what women are able to do.  We can go to prestigious schools, we can get all kinds of jobs, and there’s support

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when your family betrays you

5 Steps To Resolution When Your Family Betrays You

Betrayal is one of those hurtful events that most of us get to face at some time or the other, and IT HURTS.   We’re all wired where with a concept of “how we should be treated”

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prayers for strength

7 Prayers For Strength When You Feel You Have None

Sometimes, we go thru very difficult situations–ones that we can’t fathom or understand.  It could be losing a loved one, having a hard time in marriage, not getting respect when you feel

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simple christian prayers

7 Simple Christian Prayers for Healing

When your health is not at it’s optimum, it can be extremely stressful.  Sometimes, the pain, agony, or discomfort can be so intense, it encapsulates your focus and becomes difficult to think about

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revelation 8 commentary

Revelation 8-10 Commentary: How are the Shofar Blasts Relevant to you?

Let us sound the shofar!   With the churning of world events, it’s very evident that the world is not going to remain in its current state much longer.  We see internationally, governments

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revelation 7 commentary

Revelation 7 Commentary: 144,000 Sealed and The Greater Esther Story

This post is a continuation of the Revelation commentary.  To read the commentary on Revelation 6, CLICK HERE.  To read the entire series on your e-reader or other mobile device, BUY IT NOW ON AMAZON.   In

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