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First seal

False Messiahs: Revelation 6 and The First Seal

Discussing the Breaking of the First Seal, False Messiahs, and False Peace Agendas       In the last post, we discussed how the title deed of the world is being transferred to Yeshua.

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revelation 5

Revelation 5 ~ The Transfer of the World’s Title Deed

Discussing Revelation 5:  The Permanent Transfer of the World’s Title Deed and The Demise Of The New World Order       When you study events like the holocaust of Adolf Hitler, the

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revelation 4 Yahweh's Throne is more powerful than the new world order

Revelation 4: Yahweh’s Throne Is More Powerful Than The New World Order!

Discussing Revelation 4 ~ How The New World Order is Subservient To Yahweh   If you add all of the beauty and expense of all of Satan’s palaces, you still have not even come to the awe of one

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revelation 2

Revelation 2 and 3: Have You Judged Your Spiritual Status?

Discussing Revelation 2 and 3 Seven Messianic Assemblies, How To Judge Our Spiritual Status, And Grow Closer To Yeshua   Have you taken time to judge your spiritual status to see which ways you can

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Torah-lessness: The Most Deadly Bomb Of Spiritual Warfare

Discussing How Torah-lessness Is A Bomb Threat To Your Livelihood         In the military, we had to study varying types of ammunition and bombs, so we could identify attacks.  Even

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second beast

How Is The Second Beast Of Revelations 13 Intruding In Your Everyday Life?

Discussing The Second Beast In Revelation 13, and How To Identify Him In Your Life         Let’s decode the second beast of Revelations 13.     In my prior post, we

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How To Use Your Armor For Self-Defense In The Spiritual Realm (Part Three): Your Helmet and Belt

Discussing How To Use Your Helmet Of Salvation And Your Belt of Truth To Overcome Spiritual Defense Operations       Your enemy will constantly throw arrows; many of which will be directed

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