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workplace sexual harassment

How To Handle Workplace Sexual Harassment (with an Authorized Victim Story)

Often times, victims of sexual harassment feel so much shame!  They don’t handle issues head on because they’re scared, intimidated, or they feel devalued.  They question what’s the

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how to handle racism

How To Handle Racism From a Biblical Worldview

Racism and discrimination is not new.  We see arrogance, hatred, and maltreatment from very early in history until now.   The Bible shows us thru prophetic signs that evil is increasing in our world.

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What Do President Obama and Pope Francis Have To Say About One World Government?

Discussing President Obama, Pope Francis, Bill Gates, and their views on One World Government   Can you give me 20 minutes to ask you some questions and have a chat with you that can prepare you for

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Why It’s Important For Christians To Understand What’s Going On In Government

Addressing Those Who Think That It’s Unimportant For Christians To Understand Government   You may be tired of high gas prices, inflation continuing to rise, and what appears to be small impact

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6 Things To Know When Electing Leaders in Government or Elsewhere

Choose Great Leaders And Increase The Peace And Success in Your Life!   Leadership is a pertinent part of your life.  Whether you like it or not, there is a leader appointed over you in some instance.

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racial inequality

What Does The Bible Say About Racial Inequality?

Identifying the Opposition in Racial Inequality and The Bible Remedy to Overcome it   The Bible tells us that 6000+ years ago (based on geneology calculations), God created the Earth.  Part of His

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How Sexualization Can Be Consequential To Your Kids

Create Healthy Sexual Boundaries, Stay Aware Of Child Sexualization, And Watch Your Generations Prosper   Some of the most disturbed people are parents who watch their children experience hardships.

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