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when your family betrays you

5 Steps To Resolution When Your Family Betrays You

Betrayal is one of those hurtful events that most of us get to face at some time or the other, and IT HURTS.   We’re all wired where with a concept of “how we should be treated”

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work life balance

Work Life Balance: How Busy Women Juggle A Ministry and Young Kids

Having a ministry and young kids is no small feat.  There is a system that enables every entrepreneurial mom with young children to juggle a business and the responsibilities in a home.   The enactment

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marriage is falling apart

Do These Things When Your Marriage is Falling Apart

Restoring Hope To Push Thru Seasons of Brokenness   Have you ever been to someone’s house and ate a meal that had WAY too much seasoning?  Maybe it was salt and it made you clench your jaws,

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healthy boundaries in marriage

4 Strategies for Creating Healthy Boundaries in Marriage and Business

There are many different couples.  Some never achieve their potential because they cannot overcome the friction associated with creating healthy boundaries in marriage and business.     Aquila

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unmet expectations in marriage

How To Avoid Unmet Expectations in Marriage

Unmet Expectations in Marriage and Diffusing Confusion   I’ve experienced firsthand, secondhand, and seen from afar the error of couples avoiding communication about expectations–it leaves

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how to create a schedule

How To Create a Schedule For Improved Productivity!

So, here’s the scenario…   You desire to help people so bad, so you start a ministry.  It’s in the early stages, so you find yourself working from home often.   You have a

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how to deal with anger issues

How To Deal With Anger Issues Without Medication or Fighting!

Disclaimer: I have used grammatical liberties in this text.  While writing this, I am being 100% real, and when doing so, I tend to dialogue with my own grammatical flavor.  Please, put your red editing

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