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richest pastors in the world

The Top 10 Richest Pastors in the World: Are They Wrong For Being Rich?

If you haven’t seen the list, I don’t blame you.   The Forbes list of richest pastors in the world is quoted thousands of times all over the internet, but when you actually try to find

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How To Build a Church Website in 4 Simple Steps!

Times are changing.  Of the 7 billion people living today, 4 billion of them are internet users.  This is huge!   With the internet growing at astronomical rates and more and more people looking

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work life balance

Work Life Balance: How Busy Women Juggle A Ministry and Young Kids

Having a ministry and young kids is no small feat.  There is a system that enables every entrepreneurial mom with young children to juggle a business and the responsibilities in a home.   The enactment

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organic social media growth hacking

6 FREE Tips For Organic Social Media Growth Hacking

How To Organically Grow Your Social Media Following And Increase Engagement     Social Media is one of the main ways that networking takes place nowadays.  With social media, you have the privilege

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How To Price Your Products

Profiting By Picking The “Right” Price     Ask people to pay a heavy price for your product and they will stop buying it. Ask people to pay too small a price, and people will tend

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How to Get Your Book Into Bookstores

Getting Paperback Sales By Selling Your Book In Bookstores With the ease of digital publishing, many people are producing books, and the competition is fierce. The bookstore shelves are having to choose

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How To Hit Your Target With List-Making And Visualization

 How List-making, Visualization, and Locating Time-Wasters Can Paramount Your Success     Hosea said, “write the vision and make it plain”. Archaeology testifies to the importance of writing.

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