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what is ordination for

What is Ordination for? Your Questions Answered

After a lifetime in the church, I still struggle with answering, “What is ordination for?”.   As a child, it was clear the role of a pastor and its precedence in the community.   He was

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church business plan

How To Create a Church Business Plan that Enables You To Scale a Ministry Enterprise

So there’s a on-fire guy who has been a regular church attendee for years.  He preaches amazing sermons, and some of the most amazing shows of the Holy Spirit are seen when he preaches.   After

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church vision statement examples

How To Write a Vision Statement for Your Ministry (with Church Vision Statement Examples)

Too often vision statements are underappreciated or underutilized.  In many instances, the focus on day-to-day tactics without transcending the immediate do, do, do mentality and having a longsighted

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