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how to ask for donations

How to Ask for Donations: 7 Simple Steps to Make The Conversation Seamless

Whether you’re starting a for profit or a nonprofit business, there’s a chance that some time you’ll need to ask for money.  Asking for money is not naturally comfortable for anyone

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how to create a schedule

How To Create a Schedule For Improved Productivity!

So, here’s the scenario…   You desire to help people so bad, so you start a ministry.  It’s in the early stages, so you find yourself working from home often.   You have a

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4 Things To Avoid If You Want To Cancel Poverty Curses And Align With Biblical Prosperity Blessings

Discussing The Most Common Reasons That People Cannot Crack The Curse Of Poverty and Receive Their Promised Prosperity     Debt, financial instability, and living paycheck to paycheck are all

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The Power of The Tongue

Discussing Your Tongue: Your Utmost Tool To Create or Destroy       The tongue has been used to unite and divide, to uplift and tear down, to birth and to kill.  Many people underestimate

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church history

What No One Is Telling You About How A Study Of Church History Can Change Your Life

Discussing How Church History Can Prepare You For Today and Tomorrow         After Revelations, many people have not studied church history to see if this reaction has continued, and

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How The Western Church Looks Today and How That Effects You

Discussing The Western Church and Decisions You Need To Make TODAY   Maybe you have been raised in the western church, and have not known otherwise.  If this is so, you have never seen or experienced

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How To Develop Strategic Alliances

6 Ways To Build Strategic Alliances       “A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.” Proverbs 18:16 Many people underestimate the power of strategic

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