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revelation 8 commentary

Revelation 8-10 Commentary: How are the Shofar Blasts Relevant to you?

Let us sound the shofar!   With the churning of world events, it’s very evident that the world is not going to remain in its current state much longer.  We see internationally, governments

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revelation 7 commentary

Revelation 7 Commentary: 144,000 Sealed and The Greater Esther Story

This post is a continuation of the Revelation commentary.  To read the commentary on Revelation 6, CLICK HERE.  To read the entire series on your e-reader or other mobile device, BUY IT NOW ON AMAZON.   In

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sixth seal

The Sixth Seal: Revelation 6, Comets, and Earthquakes

Discussing Revelation 6 and the Sixth Seal         Many people have made money from false interpretations of Bible prophecy by manipulating fragments of the sixth seal prophecy, and

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revelation 13

How Does The Revelation 13 Beast Intrude In Your Daily Life?

Discussing The First Revelation 13 Beast And How He Effects You       How Sly is the Revelation 13 Beast?     Have you heard of Beauty and the Beast?  I know your probably thinking,

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Death: Revelation 6 and the 4th Seal

Discussing The Fourth Seal of Revelation 6 and its Rider: Death     Have you noticed that being healthy is uncommon?  Have you noticed the increasing death rates over the last two millennia

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War: Revelation 6 and the Second Seal

Discussing War, Revelation 6, The Second Seal, and it’s Impact On You         Since war has been an ongoing phenomena of our time, many people have a short-sighted look at history,

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First seal

False Messiahs: Revelation 6 and The First Seal

Discussing the Breaking of the First Seal, False Messiahs, and False Peace Agendas       In the last post, we discussed how the title deed of the world is being transferred to Yeshua.

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