Consistency: How To Stay Focused in the Circle of Life

3 Tips For Increasing Consistency and Increasing Success




Consistency is the difference between success and failure.  Flashing lights are everywhere.  Something new is always coming out.  We each have to decide what is required for our businesses to advance.  We should not be seeing new flashing lights, and therefore jumping on the next new thing.  Consistency is key!

Many of us are guilty of lacking consistency.  I have been guilty of jumping on the flashing light.  Ads will say, “this can make you _____ amount of money”, this can improve your appearance like ___________”, or “this can change the way you think like __________”.  We come up with what we “need” based on what we see.  We are doing it backwards.

My friend, Tiffany Kelly and I were talking over the phone about consistency.  We were agreeing with each other that consistency does not mean ease, and with so many things that people are saying “works”, it is difficult to be disciplined enough to be consistent.  Our conversation was so refreshing, I wanted to share three nuggets that I took away that can improve our discipline and increase our potential.

  • Set goals (financial, time, expansion) and only add things that will assist with executing those goals.

Many times, we will know what our needs, but someone will inbox you and say, “I have something that can do magic for you”, and we will re-route…..FOCUS! Our time, money, and expansion gets thinned by us loosing focus.Don’t jump on the first thing.  Jump on the right thing.

  • Maybe we find something that is somewhat fitting for our goals.  Make sure that you find the best quality; otherwise, you will end up jumping around to find quality, and this takes away from your time.
  • Seek wise counsel

The Bible says in Proverbs that wise counsel is healing, and that plans go well if we seek it.  A Course in Miracles says that healing is the answer to a question.  If we ask our question to a person of wisdom, we may find what we are looking for.  Try, it doesn’t hurt….they may know something better than what you see in your close view.  Wisdom may also tell you that what you found is good, and “this” is how you can make the best use of it.



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Question: What do you do to ensure your consistency?  How has consistency caused you to increase your potential?

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