what is a narcissist

What is a Narcissist? The Biblical Worldview + Steps to Heal

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What is a narcissist?”, or, you want to know the biblical worldview on how to deal with them and heal, you’re in the right place. Relationships are

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gender roles in society

Have Gender Roles in Society Caused Confusion in Your Home?

Since the Women’s Rights movement, there’s been major advancements in what women are able to do.  We can go to prestigious schools, we can get all kinds of jobs, and there’s support

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how to ask for donations

How to Ask for Donations: 7 Simple Steps to Make The Conversation Seamless

Whether you’re starting a for profit or a nonprofit business, there’s a chance that some time you’ll need to ask for money.  Asking for money is not naturally comfortable for anyone

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top fundraising ideas

Top Fundraising Ideas You Should Avoid and What To Do Instead

There are some really great ways to fund a church or nonprofit, but there’s also some very common bad ways to raise funds that I want to share so you can steer clear.   The statistics of struggling

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how to market your church online

What No One Tells You About How To Market Your Church Online

Nowadays, it’s clear….   The old door-to-door evangelism methods may need a makeover.  Church attendance is declining while internet use is soaring.  More people are searching the internet

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what is ordination for

What is Ordination for? Your Questions Answered

After a lifetime in the church, I still struggle with answering, “What is ordination for?”.   As a child, it was clear the role of a pastor and its precedence in the community.   He was

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when your family betrays you

5 Steps To Resolution When Your Family Betrays You

Betrayal is one of those hurtful events that most of us get to face at some time or the other, and IT HURTS.   We’re all wired where with a concept of “how we should be treated”

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