prayers for strength

7 Prayers For Strength When You Feel You Have None

Sometimes, we go thru very difficult situations–ones that we can’t fathom or understand.  It could be losing a loved one, having a hard time in marriage, not getting respect when you feel

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how to start a church online

How to Start a Church Online in 8 Simple Steps!

So here’s the scenario…   You and your spouse are on fire for Christ.  You’ve dedicated your life to evangelism, you have heart to serve, and you love to share how your relationship

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multiple streams of income ideas for ministries

15 Multiple Streams of Income Ideas for Ministries and Nonprofits

Have you ever seen the tragic situation where a person has a job and loses it?  Unfortunately, in a situation like that, most people become financially distraught.   The same occurence happens when

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church business plan

How To Create a Church Business Plan that Enables You To Scale a Ministry Enterprise

So there’s a on-fire guy who has been a regular church attendee for years.  He preaches amazing sermons, and some of the most amazing shows of the Holy Spirit are seen when he preaches.   After

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church vision statement examples

How To Write a Vision Statement for Your Ministry (with Church Vision Statement Examples)

Too often vision statements are underappreciated or underutilized.  In many instances, the focus on day-to-day tactics without transcending the immediate do, do, do mentality and having a longsighted

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vacation bible school curriculum

3 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Vacation Bible School Curriculum

So, here’s the scenario…   There are tens, hundreds, or even thousands of kids in your local community who will be out of school for the summer.  Their parents will be looking for somewhere

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What is the Most Accurate Bible Translation? The Definitive Guide

So, here’s the scenario…   You want to grow closer to God, so you set a Bible reading goal.   You decide to buy a new Bible so you can keep your notes, your highlighting, and your

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