the role of a woman

The Role of a Woman

Discussing the Woman: One of God’s Most Powerful and Misunderstood Creations   I often see women get stuck in a stereotype: a place that does not accentuate her skills, but rather inflicts

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unmet expectations in marriage

How To Avoid Unmet Expectations in Marriage

Unmet Expectations in Marriage and Diffusing Confusion   I’ve experienced firsthand, secondhand, and seen from afar the error of couples avoiding communication about expectations–it leaves

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how to create a schedule

How To Create a Schedule For Improved Productivity!

So, here’s the scenario…   You desire to help people so bad, so you start a ministry.  It’s in the early stages, so you find yourself working from home often.   You have a

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workplace sexual harassment

How To Handle Workplace Sexual Harassment (with an Authorized Victim Story)

Often times, victims of sexual harassment feel so much shame!  They don’t handle issues head on because they’re scared, intimidated, or they feel devalued.  They question what’s the

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how to deal with anger issues

How To Deal With Anger Issues Without Medication or Fighting!

Disclaimer: I have used grammatical liberties in this text.  While writing this, I am being 100% real, and when doing so, I tend to dialogue with my own grammatical flavor.  Please, put your red editing

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how to handle racism

How To Handle Racism From a Biblical Worldview

Racism and discrimination is not new.  We see arrogance, hatred, and maltreatment from very early in history until now.   The Bible shows us thru prophetic signs that evil is increasing in our world.

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revelation 8 commentary

Revelation 8-10 Commentary: How are the Shofar Blasts Relevant to you?

Let us sound the shofar!   With the churning of world events, it’s very evident that the world is not going to remain in its current state much longer.  We see internationally, governments

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