Purpose: Propel Your Success With 3 Tips to help Grasp your Purpose in Life

Identifying Your Purpose So That You Can Multiply Your Success


Pablo Picasso The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away


Many people scar their efforts by fears, “don’t want” statements, personal bondage, and inhibit their success.  You want freedom; regardless of what that means to you, but many of us do not want to submit our deeds to the necessities for success.

Here are some tips for releasing yourself to your purpose and achieving success.

1. Free your talents and your story

A vital part of the liberation process is vulnerability, and the most vulnerable form is nakedness.  The Bible describes the body as the temple of God, so we know that we are to treat it with respect, clothe it, and cherish it.  Spiritually, you have this same edifice that looks more like your story, your talents, and your unique identifiers.  When you are spiritually naked, you have the most opportunity to liberate others.

Spiritual nakedness means that you release yourself from the ideas of shame connected with certain passages in your life story and replace the designation with triumph.  However, you must share the experience prior to the triumph and guide listeners to the outcome.

The ability to freely share your talents and your story is a part of your purpose, and the beginning of your success.  The next part to your success, is releasing your talents and your story to be shared with as many others as can possibly receive it.

2. Allow others to see and share your story and talents

For most, visibility is attached to fear or some selfish negative “don’t want” perspective.  “I don’t want to be in front of a lot of people”, “I don’t want to pay money to record myself”, “I don’t want people to try to get over on me”, “I don’t have enough time”, and more excuses roll on.  Instead, you should be focused on the outcome to the majority, which in essence is the core of your purpose: to uplift others.

3. Remind yourself that your story and your talents were given to you for others

You must surrender yourself wholly to God, and the ways that His purpose for you is to be used for the sake of others.  He has temporarily given you value by way of your life story and talents, so that He can see how well you make use of them. Will you multiply them? Will you exhort others and encourage them to reach their highest potential? If your answer is “yes”, you can assuredly know that you will pass the test.

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Challenge: Use one talent or one area of wisdom to uplift the largest number of people that you can within the next seven days, come HERE, and share what you did and the # of people impacted in the comments.  I CANNOT wait to hear from you!

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