How Teamwork Can Stimulate Your Success

What The Superbowl Can Teach Us That Can Transform Our Lives


Superbowl XVIII Half Time (3)


100 million people sat in front of their televisions to view the Superbowl XLVIII. Many of them screaming and yelling with zeal and excitement about the sense of teamwork, or lack thereof, but meanwhile, most of the viewers lack teamwork in their everyday lives.

One integral learning lesson that can be attained from sports is the idea that one has a greater possibility for success when working as a team. However, large corporations are typically the ones that coordinate the team efforts. The companies with the highest revenue in the world: Sinopec Group, employs 401,000 people, Walmart employs 2.2 million people, or China National Petroleum employs approximately 1.7 million. The companies with the highest revenues are a testament that teamwork can lead to integral success. The Superbowl was yet another example of the power of teamwork.

Bishop T.D. Jakes said in his sermon, “Destiny flocks together” that you can only fly to a limited point of success alone. Once you reach a certain point, you have to do as the bird, and collaborate with others, so that you can break the wind.

For example, the play that is being broadcasted as “the worst play call in history” was a lack of teamwork. The head coach of the Sea Hawks, Pete Carroll made a play call, the other players submitted to a poor call, and the Sea Hawks lost the Superbowl. Is this what happens in your life? Are you choosing good players to manifest your purpose? Are you submitting to poor play calls? Are you trying to work without a team? For more information on how you can work with a success-minded team, revise your play, and manifest your life purpose, check out our transformational products and memberships.

Here are some things you can do to implement teamwork in your life:

1. List things that you are good at

2. List things that you are not good at

3. List people that are not good at what you are good at

4. List people that are good at the things that you are not good at

5. Speak with the people that would accent your talents

6. Speak with the people that you can accent their talents

7. Form a team




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Question: I would love to hear how you have added teamwork into your regimen, so leave your feedback below.  How has teamwork helped you?  How have others benefited from watching your team?

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