How To Activate Your Spiritual Senses

spiritual senses

spiritual senses





The enemy HATES the idea of you growing in close relationship with God.  When you experience intimacy with God, you will know how disgraceful and last-class his schemes and accesses are.  The power and presence of God is abundant with more supply for you than you can even comprehend.  You can experience God on a whole different level if you are attentive to your spiritual senses.



In effort to take the opportunity for communion from you, the enemy will attack you as a child when your right and wrong is constructed largely by your surroundings.  Many kids have been laughed at or even disciplined for saying that they saw a monster under their bed, when in fact, they were witnessing a spiritual being.  We are in a dangerous place when mockery is made about children’s ability to use their spiritual senses.  When they see spiritual things in the spirit, and parent’s are ignorant about the meaning behind what they see in the spirit or in their dreams.



This video shows the traditional approach that most people take to disregard children’s receipt of spiritual communication:





My Experience Ignoring My Spiritual Senses



From my experience, I used to wake up with dreams.  When I was too scared to go back to sleep (as I was taught to do), I would go to my parent’s room where I was comforted until I went back to sleep.  As a result of our pattern, I grew up with little esteem for using my spiritual senses for the interpretation of my dreams, and I had not recognized it as a way to experience God.  



How My Perception of My Spiritual Senses Changed



In 2010, when I met my husband, I was having a horrible recurring dream that would bring me to tears and I could not return to sleep.  This event happened shortly after I met my husband (who I was courting at the time).  When I told him, “I keep having this dream and I cannot go back to sleep”.



He said, “Who told you that you should ignore your dreams and return to sleep?  You should be waking up and praying about them.”  He encouraged me to use my spiritual senses.  “Even the wicked people in the Bible knew to pay attention to dreams, visions placed in their minds, trances, astronomy, and other sources of communication from God”, he said.  After he pointed out that I had been practicing something wrong, we began to do an ongoing study on dreams and visions.  We studied Pharoahs, Nebuchadnazzar, and Daniel.  From there, I kept a journal close to my bed to document God’s communication with me.    



The Bible on Spiritual Senses



In Daniel 4:9, it tells the response of Nebuchadnezzar (the King of Babylon and servant of other gods) when he had visions in his mind that troubled him so much that he could not sleep.  The Bible says:



“I, Nebuchadnezzar, was at rest in my house and prospering in my palace. I saw a dream and it made me afraid; and the fantasies and thoughts and the visions [that appeared] in my mind as I lay on my bed kept alarming me.  So I gave orders to bring in before me all the wise men of Babylon, so that they might make known to me the interpretation of the dream. Then the magicians, the enchanters (Magi), the Chaldeans [who were the master astrologers] and the diviners came in, and I told them the dream, but they could not interpret it and make known its meaning to me.  But at last Daniel came in before me, whose name is Belteshazzar, after the name of my god, and in whom is a spirit of the holy gods; and I told the dream to him, saying, ‘O Belteshazzar, chief of the magicians, because I know that a spirit of the holy gods is in you and no mystery baffles or troubles you, tell me the visions of my dream which I have seen, along with its interpretation.



Nebuchadnezzar was not sleep when he saw these images and they were simply thought impressions that were in his mind.  He knew that he was not manipulating the thoughts, so he identified that they came from another source.  He could not understand what the source was trying to communicate to him, so he desperately searched for an interpretation.



Nebuchadnezzar was known to do many wicked things, and was never known as a servant of the Most High God.  Despite the facts, Nebuchadnezzar was very attentive to his spiritual senses.  He listened to communication in his dreams, and extensively searched for an interpretation.  If the wicked are attentive to their communication from God, don’t you think it’s sad that the “spiritual” Christian people today are ignorant of how to hear God’s voice?



Science and the Spiritual Senses



Eternity is a spiritual place that is recognized by the portions of your mind that are presently not in use.  Science has re-affirmed the fact that majority of the brain is not used.  Only 10% of the brain function has been confirmed.  Some scientists say that the functions of the other 90% of the brain are simply unknown while scientists such as Albert Einstein say that the 90% is not in use.  



When our brains are connected to the spiritual realm, we are able to make use of the unused portions of our brain by using our spiritual senses: sight, touch, hearing, and smell.  Paul spoke about how we need to exercise our brains and restore the use of every part of our brains.  



In Hebrews 5:14, he said, “But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.”  You MUST exercise your spiritual senses!  Step beyond the realm of hearing a message from a church, a pastor, or even your Bible, and jump into the realm where you can see the angels, the enemy, our Father, Jesus, and you can identify the Holy Spirit.  The Word became flesh, so you are being introduced to God thru His love letter (the Bible), but now it’s time that you see Him and gain an intimate relationship with Him.



Ways Our Spiritual Senses Can Be Used



Here are some ways that God speaks to you:



-Audible voice (more in the old testament than in the new). He came upon old testament prophets, and indwelled new testament prophets. 

-inward (recognisable thru intimacy)





-gifts of the Spirit


-the Word of God is the voice of God




sharks came closer to the edges of the sea before 9/11

Astronomy has told a lot of secrets historically and has been foretold in the Bible to still contain many secrets


-numerology (not so much about numbers but sequence)

thru numerology, there is a pattern of number meanings, and you can see events or names



Spiritual Senses and Warfare



Rather than battling in the dark; unaware or inattentive of your enemies or your allies, be on offense; listening to God in your dreams, visions, trances, or other avenues of communication!  Most spiritual warfare books focus on defensive responses to attacks, but why should the enemy be permitted anywhere near your turf?  He should not! 



Activate your spiritual senses and use discernment.  Guard your gates and stay in an offensive posture.  The Bible says that if you ask for an answer and seek God for it, you will knock, and the door will be opened for you.  Ask your Father and He will answer you regarding your current concerns.  Be ready for His response thru whichever portal He communicates.



Spiritual Senses Vs. Physical Senses



In his book, Seeing in the Spirit, the Praying Medic describes how spirits and physical bodies differ in the way that communication is transmitted.  We both have spiritual senses but we use them differently.  In the physical, our communication is transmitted thru breath going thru the vocal chords which creates a wave of vibration that is transmitted to the other person’s ear canal and interpreted in the brain.  



What it’s Like When Communicating with Spiritual Beings



In the communication between spiritual beings, the physical structures are typically not used.  Rather, your hearing and your speech is typically performed by your heart, and your seeing is performed in the display of your mind thru thought impressions.  The thoughts that you cannot manipulate are those that are received by another source; either from the Kingdom of Darkness or from the Kingdom of Light.  



“Once you are listening for God, you will notice the importance of discerning spirits.”



You will hear voices and see images because you were created with spiritual senses including sight.  You simply have not paid attention to it, so your brain discards the receipt because of your pattern of interest.  There are many things that are largely important to your destiny that you are currently tuning out.  When you tune in, you will hear kingdom of darkness spirits, Kingdom of Light, and your flesh.  When you hear all of these voices, then you will begin asking, “How do I tell which voices are me, the enemy, God, or the angels?  How do I know the source of the images?”  I’m glad you asked!  Lets chat about that…



Identifying Your Flesh with your Spiritual Senses



Your flesh can be identified by its selfish intent; typically making “I” statements that uplift self like, “I am too good for that”, “How will this benefit me”, “I want”, “I like” and statements like that.  Words that describe flesh statements are all those that begin with self, “Self-love”, “self-reliant”, “Self-sufficient”, “Self-esteem”, and so on.  In order to be led by the Spirit, you must crucify your flesh.  Rather than being ego or flesh controlled, you allow your choices, your will, and your expressions to be based on what you see or hear from the Kingdom of Light.


Identifying the Kingdom of Darkness with Your Spiritual Senses



In my post, Should Christians Open their Pineal Gland, I talked about how there are illegal ways to enter spiritual places.  The Kingdom of Darkness desires to steal, kill, or destroy from your assignment.  They leave thought impressions that cause destruction to your assignment or the assignment of those that you are connected to.  



They are professional tempters, and they have done surveillance to recognize the weaknesses in your lineage.  They have records that they can track that go back to Adam and Eve, and these records can easily be traced in your DNA.  Their voices will take peace, joy, love, unity, faith, hope, and other virtues that are vital for your wellbeing.  If you are not discerning or you are not keeping a record of the virtues that the Father has given you, they will steal from you, and you will not even identify it.



Identifying the Kingdom of Light with Your Spiritual Senses



The Kingdom of Light desires to increase, restore, and advance your assignment.  Their voices add nutrients to your Spirit, promote you, increase your abilities, and give you life.  The angels are happy to transmit words to increase you.  God loves you affectionately and He loves to deposit increase into your spirit.  They abundantly poor revelation in your Spirit and you can identify the deposits of the Kingdom of Light when your un-manipulated ideas increase you in your function to the Kingdom.



Closing Remarks



Regarding the spiritual senses of touch and smell, they are typically mistaken with the physical senses although they are perceived thru the spiritual senses.  For example, you may smell smoke, but you cannot find a physical source or you may feel someone tapping you, and when you look around, you cannot find anyone there.



My husband described a time when he was driving after a long day of work, and he fell asleep on the highway.  He completely drove off of the highway onto the access road parallel to it.  When he got onto the access road, he felt taps on his shoulder, and he jumped up, but noticed no one.  Then, he smelled very strong perfume, and he knew that an angel had been sent to wake him up, and help him get home safely.  Thanks to God!



Action Steps:


1. Prepare a sacrifice for God (time, abstaining from something that you enjoy, worship, praise, prayer, intercession, or giving to someone in His honor).

2. Lift up your sacrifices before God with a pure heart

3. Assign time on your schedule to wait on God daily

4. Journal the un-manipulated thoughts, your dreams, and messages that you have received from the other portals that we discussed


For more information on activating your spiritual senses, I recommend Priscilla Shirer’s books: Awaken: 90 Days with the God who Speaks and Discerning the Voice of God – Bible Study Book – How to Recognize When God Speaks Awakening your spiritual senses and becoming more discerning can greatly increase the intimacy you have with God and those two resources are sure to help.  I recommend you checking these things out right now that it’s first in your mind.


COMMENT BELOW:  Do you exercise your spiritual senses?  If so, how did you start and what did you do?


I can’t wait to hear from you!




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  1. Because we are made in Gods image and likeness it is God’s desire that we connect with him because He wants a relationship with us and to help us to carry out that which he has given to us. I believe that by study the word of God, praying daily and going on a fast as we are led by the Spirit of God our spiritual senses will be sharpened.

    1. Tiffany Domena

      Hello Norman! I agree with you that God wants a very connected relationship with us.  The way we secure connectedness is thru communication with Him (reading His word and prayer).  Fasting is good for cleansing us and to show God our sense of sacrifice, however, obedience to His word should always take precedence. Thanks for stopping by!

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