How To Create A Great Marketing Campaign

Time-Tested Strategies That Make Your Marketing Reach The Masses


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Marketers have many options and choices to promote and market their products and services. Many of them use an eclectic blend of traditional as well as modern ways of marketing and create a great marketing campaign that penetrates deep inside the target market. While using direct marketing and advertising, they are also using new strategies like web based advertising, email marketing, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more.

If you are planning to create a perfect marketing campaign, there are certain things that you need to consider. For maximizing viewership, marketers and businesses should perform the following steps:

  • Create an email list

The quicker that you can contact many people, the better your campaign will go.  An email list helps you to contact many people at once without the filters, rules, and criterias of social media.  Mailpoet is who I use now, however, Mailchimp, Aweber, Getresponse, and iContact are the most popular email marketing companies right now.  Choose one even if you do not have many email addresses now.  This campaign can be the beginning, and as you radiate the desire for more contacts that want your service, you will change your actions and attract more people onto your email list.

  •  Have a clear idea about target audience

In order to touch base with the target audience, it is imperative that you know who they are. Where do they live?  What are their leisure activities?  Where might you find them?  What partnerships might be [paramount to your business to reach this target audience?  Once, psychographic and demographic factors are identified, key messages to be delivered to the target customers can be developed and best communication channels can be identified in order to connect with them.

  • Use a perfect mix of auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning tools

Not everyone likes to read.  Face it! Not everyone likes to watch TV.  Face it!  Not everyone likes to listen to audio.  Face it.  Why not give your customers the options for how they can receive your impact?  The most successful product creators have diversified and created something for varying learning styles, so follow suit!

  • Choose perfect channels

It is important to consider that it is not necessary that everyone from your target audience uses Facebook or other social media platforms. Thus, a perfect communication channel mix needs to be used: paid advertising, cold call emails, radio, newspaper, TV, books, press releases, magazines, podcasts, blogs, social media, live events, telephone prospecting, billboards, etc. The idea is to obtain business objectives and as such perfect communication channels must be selected or rejected. Choose what is most effective and comfortable for your brand.

  • Be consistent with your message

It is very important that consistency is maintained.  The brand identity must be maintained! You should not be marketing a salon, then turn around and say that you also own trash trucks, and offer trash pick-up.

I have done this myself when I was still trying to find how I wanted to express myself in business.  I tried different network marketing platforms (Empower Network and LSN), I entertained business offers, I tried fish farming, I owned an ATM, I did Real Estate, and the list goes on.  I learned that although they are all good and profitable, multiplying my talents is the most paramount thing that I need to do.  Once I have served others with my talents, it is okay for me to hire others to maintain other interests of mine for me.  It is also okay for me to invest my surplus rather than putting it in the bank, but my creative expression comes first.

If your scattered, it makes you look undecided and desperate. Pick a company logo that represents you well, and stay consistent. Style, look, fonts, colors once you have chosen them must be used in a consistent manner. When an immediate visual identity is registered among the audience, whether they go through your site or your brochure, it becomes easier for them to keep your company in their minds.

Similarly, if you want to “launch” something, and you decide to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a launch presence that you cannot maintain, it’s in vain.  Choose a platform that can catapult you to your beginning goals, sustain your efforts, and increase them as you grow.

I’m sure you have listened to the radio, and heard the person that paid all the money to go on to interview, then because they came only once, you did not follow up with their program or service.  Do not be that person!  On average, customers need to see you SEVEN times, so choose something that you can continuously support in your time, effort, and money.

Another important aspect is creating content that is consistent and is clear and can be adapted easily to suit various communication or media channels. The three Cs of the marketing must be clearly followed to leave a lasting impression in the minds of the target audience. These three Cs are Communication, Compelling and Consistency. Every content being developed should embrace these 3 Cs of marketing. Storytelling, testimonials and many more aspects can also be added to video uploads as it can leave a good impression in the minds of the potential customers.

  • Make your campaign multi-dimensional

The message must be integrated with the channel in such a way that the ultimate target is achieved and the traffic is driven to the company. Multidimensional channels can be used like newspaper, TV, radio, social media, blog, live networking, live events and more. Distributor incentives or affiliate incentives can be created. Using of all these media and strategies can help you succeed in your business objective.



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