How To Create A Military Intelligence Report To Succeed in Your Spiritual Warfare Strategy

Comparing Your Spiritual Surveillance To Military Physical Surveillance and Mapping Your Success in Your Spiritual Warfare Strategy


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The Bible tells us that the spiritual enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but Jesus came that we should have life to the full (John 10:10).  A person or group that attempts to steal, kill, or destroy from another country is considered a terrorist.  Terrorists are typically identified thru the process of military intelligence. says, “Military intelligence is information needed to plan for our national defense. Knowledge of the number, location, and tactics of enemy forces and potential battle areas is needed to develop military plans. To gather information, the services rely on aerial photographs, electronic monitoring using radar, satellites and sensitive radios, and human observation. Intelligence specialists gather and study the information required to design defense plans and tactics.”


A collection of intelligence is given to the leader of the United States every day in order that he can make wise decisions about the future of the country.  Things like Iran gaining access to more plutonium or uranium (resources used for nuclear warfare) are important bits of insight for a government leader because they enable him to brace the country and prepare a strategy for success.  As a result of military intelligence, presidents discuss their insight with advisers and other government diplomats to collectively create a strategy to protect and defend the territory that they have given authority over.


Without military intelligence, country’s leaders would not be prepared with vital insight to pre-plan based on a clear view of the world at large.  They would not be able to defend and protect the country, and even worse, they would not be able to identify the enemy.  On extreme cases, countries’ borders are breached, and they are not aware because military intelligence officials have not identified the terrorist as a enemy, or they are so deceived that they believe that what is meant to harm them is for good.


Similarly, you have been given authority over territories, and you need intelligence to identify the enemy attacks within your realm of dominion.  One such area of your dominion is your mind, another is your connections, another is your finances, your property, your prophetic utterances, and your revelation.  Most “Christian” people do not have a renewed mind.  They are not intentional in their spiritual walk, and therefore, when the enemy attacks, they are unable to separate him from their own voice or even worse, they cannot discern the enemy’s voice from God.  Is this you?


The enemy’s purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy.  He wants to export your peace, your joy, your love, and the other fruits of the Spirit, sever your communion with God, and send you astray dying without your birthright of eternity.  He wants to import lies, tolerance, complacency, and other forms of deception.   You can identify his voice when you analyze the fruit of his words.  For example, if a husband and wife disagree, he may compromise the conversation by planting lies like, “your husband doesn’t even care how you feel.  You should do something to him, so he can know how it feels to hurt you”.  His words are intended to increase hatred, hostility, isolation, and transfer your birthright to him and his fallen angels.  You need to begin identifying his voice, and write down when he attempts to commit acts of terrorism.


The voice of God will multiply you, expand you, and provides supernatural insight that positively effects you, those around you, and His kingdom.  He is your ally.  When you are low on resources, you import them from the Kingdom of God.  You need to identify His voice to give Him His pay (your praise) for your resources (all of your needs being met).


If you do not do daily intelligence to create a continual strategy to overcome the attacks, how will you identify when you are not experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven in areas of your life?  How will you create a strategy to prevail in battles that you are currently facing or ones that are to come?  How will you overcome (or instruct them to overcome) the battles that plague your children, your spouse, your other family members, your community, your city, or your nation?


Bold statement…“Just like a country that lacks intelligence is bound to fail.  A person who lacks intelligence is also bound to fail.” 


You better believe that the enemy has precise intelligence on you.  He knows when you have attended an event and accessed Heaven, he sends his army to spy and find out if you are spending time in your prayer closet, and he has created a strategy to reel you back in.  Are you as prepared as he is to take complete possession of your mind, your family, your property, and all else the enemy attempts to steal?  It’s your possession, and the battle is real.  When you have shown the ability to walk with a renewed mind; one uncompromised by the prevailing trends and thought patterns of your time, and you present yourself as a peculiar priest, then you can pray the prayer of Jabez because you have demonstrated good stewardship.


Action Steps:

1. Sit down with Deuteronomy 28 and read about the blessings and the curses of God

2. Be honest with yourself and write down which blessings you have access to and which curses plague you.  Identify the areas that the curse has affected you.

3. Ask God, “How did this curse fall on me?”

4. Restore sanctity and clarity to your borders. Repent for whichever part you or your forefathers played in the enemy having access to your authorized territory.

5. Identify how the enemy is attempting to commit terrorism outside of your borders.  Ask God, “Make clear to me right and wrong, so that I can make just decisions”.

6. Write down the breaches of the enemy, the full blown attacks of the enemy, his movement in the lives around you, and create a strategy to place increased borders and combat each of his moves.

7. Find a promise of God for each breach, attack, or plan of the enemy and pray the scripture.  Assign angels to breached areas and to combat plans of the enemy.


I have a lot more to say about this topic, so I will continue writing in 12 Undeniable Laws for Being A Kingdom of Heaven Ambassador.  COMING SOON!





Going to write more!  Be blessed!

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