How to Get Your Book Into Bookstores

Getting Paperback Sales By Selling Your Book In Bookstores

With the ease of digital publishing, many people are producing books, and the competition is fierce. The bookstore shelves are having to choose which books to stock their shelves with, but how do they choose? Traditional publishing appears to be the safe zone because the credibility is usually already established, but authors are finding that even when signing traditional publishing contracts, they still do not have the guaranteed advantage of being on bookstore shelves and reaping royalties as they had expected. How do authors get their books on book shelves?


A couple months back, I watch a video where expert, Lisa Umina shared tips to get your book into books stores, and I will share a combination of what she said and what I have learned.  I have contacted large booksellers to find out how to get my book on their shelves, and the process is fairly easy after you have these things implemented:

1. Create A National Marketing Strategy

Bookstores want to know that your book will not be wasted space on their shelves.  Owning a bookstore is a very difficult business nowadays with the speed of growth in digital publishing.  Book store owners cannot take gambles on whether or not an author’s book will sell.  If you have not committed to a national marketing strategy (one that includes things like national television broadcasting, national radio interviews, a highly engaged book tour, and national speaking engagements), most bookstores will not want to take that gamble.

2. Quality Content

Evergreen content is king!  Content that does not expire.  Content that is not contingent on the way something currently is.  For example, if you try to write a book on Microsoft Office 2015 interface, this book will likely not be of use in 2016 because the new interface would come out.  Rather, you can write about health, religion, history, or education, and the content can have greater longevity.

3. Professional Presentation

Has your book been editted?  Are there apparent mistakes?  Are you pictures high quality?  Are you consistent in your marketing?  Authors with a large platform must maintain consistent momentum because people are expecting to recieve from them.  You must begin to implement this same practices.  Bookstores do not want to gamble on authors that are obviously making “cheap” decisions or their books give a poor impression.  Ensure that if your book sits next to others that it will be equally (if not more) appealing.

I personally struggle with delivering consistent content and maintaining the same momentum as bestselling authors while I am steadily working to achieve my many goals.  As I write, I am preaching to myself, so I understand that my advice is not easy, but it is necessary if getting into bookstores is your goal.  We (you and I) want to get our book into bookstores, so lets do it together!

4. Be clear on your goals and intent

As you know, I am BIG on goal-setting. For this reason, I have two workbooks to help you set goals that can transform your habits and attain the position you desire.  Just as you must have goals to accomplish everything else in life, getting your book into bookstores must be a goal.  How many do you want to get into?  How many bookstores will you contact?  In what amount of time will you contact these bookstores?  How many copies are you going to send of your book to gain interest by book store owners?  Goals are CRUCIAL to getting your book into bookstores.  Add this goal onto your vision board, view it daily, get friends to hold you accountable, and GET IT DONE!

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