How To Handle Racism From a Biblical Worldview

how to handle racism

how to handle racismRacism and discrimination is not new.  We see arrogance, hatred, and maltreatment from very early in history until now.


The Bible shows us thru prophetic signs that evil is increasing in our world.  It’s temporal, but many people live responsive lives as a result of evil.  In this article, I want to discuss how to handle racism from a biblical worldview.


The news is blazing with stories of hatred, Alton Sterling and America’s racial issues, democracy vs. republican, socialism vs. capitalism, LA shootings, violence, protests, Greece is having government uproar, ISIS is increasing in terror acts, the UN is acting as a false messianic figure, many are suffering with human-induced food and water shortages, lifespans are shorter as food and environment become more manipulated, bribery is increasing, good health is decreasing, leading entertainers are occult evangelists, and many people are in fear of injustice.


Bible prophecy is being fulfilled and evil is increasing in our world, and people are full with questions like:


  • What are we supposed to do in these trying times?
  • How can we receive justice?
  • Why are “they” treating “us” like this?
  • How can I successfully raise children in this evil world?


how to handle racismPeople Are Saying We Should…


Some say protest, some say get a gun, some say vote, fight, learn self defense, move out of the country or to the farmland, become a politician, mentor, expose, hide, surrender, and so many other solutions have been offered to instruct people how they should handle the increase of evil in our world, but none of them have ended it.


We can do so many things in the face of evil, but none of them may be right.  The Bible tells us the right thing to do in this evil world.


Did God Make a Mistake By Making Multiple Races?


Race has a bigger purpose that many people can’t understand.  God designed people with more or less melanin, more cold tolerance, passions, desires, and uniqueness for His purpose.


If we were all designed the same, we would not be able to care for the entire planet.  We would only inhabit certain lands.


There would be many limits if there was less diversity in the way we were created.  God knew this and He designed many different colors, shapes, and sizes of humans to reflect His image.


how to handle racismHis image is reflected thru our various diverse identities.


Who are We to Frown Upon God’s Creation?

If God intentionally designed each and every person on the Earth, who are we to frown at His creation?  Regardless of how deformed, ugly, or awkward we may think something is, He designed it with a purpose, and we need to submit our thoughts to His higher calling.


We should treat everyone how we want to be treated regardless of how they look.


If you’re treated in a bad way because of your race, you should protect yourself, but don’t participate in returning evil for evil.  It doesn’t help to treat others with hatred because you’ve received hatred.  The natural inclination is to return evil, but when you model Jesus as your example, you’ll see that when he was looked down upon, he still had dignity.


He didn’t allow other’s perceptions to dictate his personal identity.


The World Before Sin


The Bible begins introducing us to the origin of the world without sin, it goes on to tell us how it came into our world by satanic deception and human acceptance, and it ends telling us the time will come where a righteous King will reign eternally, the prayer, “thy Kingdom come” will be fulfilled, and sin will be no more. No more racism, no more sickness, no more poverty, or hunger.


how to handle racismAnticipate the End of Sin


Nothing we can do will stop the birth pains of increasing sin from coming….no president, no protest, no medical cure. Satan will offer counterfeits to the plan biblically laid out like the UN agreement, government, activism, democracy, distractions, socialist relief, and the list goes on.


They will all provide temporal shallow relief. We are not going to be raptured out of circumstances, rising tensions, or “do” our way out of tribulation.  It is prophesied.  It will happen.


Unbiblical solutions can only blanket issues, but not cure them. The Messiah will end the chaos at His return after the tribulation, but if you get too caught up in the present superficial facts that Satan has laid out, you will not be prepared.


The distractions are becoming more frequent, more emotion-connected, and are taking our focus away from the only solution which is stated in Proverbs 14:27 which says:


 “The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, that one may turn away from the snares of death.”


how to handle racismPonder Things With Eternal Impact


It’s time for us to ponder day in and day out, second after second, “Am I pleasing God with everything I have? And if not, how can I fix it?” Racism, division, hatred, war, sickness, and all other sins have been prophesied to increase, so let’s not be surprised or distracted by prophecy being fulfilled.


The Alton Sterling story is very heartbreaking, and what’s worse is how many more people are going to dedicate their lives to shallow solutions and reserve their eternal placement in damnation.  Sin already has a solution and the time will come for us to inherit it IF WE ARE PREPARED AND READY.


Yeshua (Jesus) said the birth pains would increase before his return, so brace yourself. Satan is becoming more busy as his time gets shorter. Yeshua said we would hear of wars, rumors of wars, natural disasters, and other chaos, but his advice to us was…


“…See that you be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.” Matthew 24:6


how to handle racismThe Bible and the Birth Pains


Birth pains can be seen in world politics, in shorter average lifespans, in increasing relational hostility, and many other areas. Satan’s tactics may encroach on your physical domain, but he has no authority over your spiritual domain. He can kill your body but not your soul.


The first disciples were prosecuted and crucified, BUT many of them were willing to crucify their present enjoyment to cleave to the eternal promise to inherit the Kingdom.  Their story did not end at the grave.


Your story does not end at the grave.  We will all rise for judgement, but you must choose before you get there what will happen beyond it.


Fear God and seek to obey His commands


Our culture has minimized relationship with God to entertainment, goal setting, and aspiring to succeed.  We own our problems and use our understanding to make solutions.  Do not get wrapped up in the “modern” worldly identity of religion!  Sacrifice your own will for obedience to God.


Do not eat to satisfy your own will, do not sleep to satisfy your own will, do not make friends to satisfy your own will, and do not entertain to satisfy your own will.  Crucify your flesh.


Marriage to your will is dangerous!  It leads to self-deception which leads to sin and death. Obedience to His commands are the only lighted path around the snares of Satan.


how to handle racismThe Fulfillment From Obedience


You will find that joy, peace, confidence, and all other attributes that make life enjoyable are granted thru obedience.  Psalm 34:9 says:


“Oh, fear the Lord, you his saints, for those who fear him have no lack!”


Or, in Psalm 145:19 it says:


 “He fulfills the desire of those who fear him; he also hears their cry and saves them.”  


Fear of God requires heart circumcision, release, and submission.  Fear of God is building a relationship, it requires genuine interest in who He is and what He likes, it requires time, effort, and sacrifice.


It is a release from acting on your perception or speaking on your opinion and drawing from His satisfaction.  You can never match what He gives regardless of how hard you try.  Walking in His way can never disappoint.


how to handle racismAction Steps for How To Handle Racism


  • Parent your children according to His word:  Starting at the heart, get them to walk in the fear of God asking, “How can I please Him more with every ounce of time I have?”. He will direct their paths.


  • Lead those in your care to fear God


  • Submit every circumstance to God rather than your own understanding


  • Walk in Wisdom: Do not take your deformed conflict resolution skills (yelling, fighting, stealing, belittling people, etc.) that led to all of your relationship failures out of the house! That’s how shootings, protests, and drama is multiplied. Don’t get me wrong, if you need to defend, be equipped, but do not go on the offensive creating drama. Yeshua himself was not against defense. Im not either.


  • Create solitude: inside of your house, walk in the fear of God


  • Be an example: Show the community how to sustain love and peace thru obedience to God once you have been a recipient


how to handle racismFinal Words on How To Handle Racism


The goal of the article is to share with you the biblical worldview on how to handle racism.  It can be very difficult to deal with hatred of any sort.  Hopefully, these tips have been useful.  Control your circle of influence.




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Now, it’s Your Turn…


Have you experienced racism?  How did you handle it?  Leave your questions, comments, and feedback below.


2 thoughts on “How To Handle Racism From a Biblical Worldview”

  1. Thank you Tiffany for the truth you shared through this post. I appreciate the effort, knowing how much time it must have cost you to put all this together.

    You touched on an important matter, and i’ll like to mention it for the sake of emphasis.

    It’s about the “modern” worldly identity of religion you described. Where all that matters to individuals is using God principles, provisions and resources for fulfilling there will, without the desire to sacrifice their will for obedience to God’s desires and commandment.

    It’s a major challenge, really.

    It breeds individuals who want to be god of their own selves, when The Father is looking for stewards and sons. who will partner with The HolySpirit and express God’s will on the earth.

    I hope i haven’t disgressed.

    If we learn to submit fully to the Lord, then His grace is sufficient and able to keep the humble.May our lights truly shine.

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