The Prosperity Laws: How To Receive

Understanding the Importance of A Complete Commerce Transaction


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As children, we are often reminded about the importance of giving. It is true that there’s nothing nobler than selfless sharing and giving. However it’s time we realized that it’s equally important to receive gifts. It wouldn’t be possible for a person to give if there was no one to receive it on the other end. We need to accept and value gifts that are given to us. Gifts are a way of showing appreciation.

Just like you need to prepare to give you can also prepare to receive the following:

  • Information — The world is full of information. It’s good to keep our eyes and ears open and take things as them come. Of course, while you should be willing to receive information of all sorts, you need to consider what you need to retain and what to let go.
  • Ideas — People around us, young and old, have ideas all the time. Hear them out and give it a thought. Leave them with words of encouragement even if you fail to see the potential in their ideas.
  • Goods — Receive goods with gratitude. Be it perfumes, books, toys or clothes, accept it with gratitude and appreciate the gesture. Try not to measure gifts with their price. You really don’t know what it cost the giver to get you the gift.
  • Connections — True to the word, we are all social beings. You never know when the latest acquaintance might help you land a new job or introduce you to a key resource person. Meet new people and be open to building your connections. It’s hard not to judge people, but if you try, it’s indeed possible to stay neutral.
  • Solutions — It is said that every problem comes with a solution. Take it if it’s coming from someone you know. Chances are that they might have learned with experience.

While most things come your way and you simply need to receive them, sometimes you must ask for what you want. Your inner voice is your best friend in these situations. Listen to it and it will guide you back on track when you stray from your plans. In addition, try to make time for developing new skills every now and then.

To understand the importance of receiving, you need to know that by doing so, you are allowing the laws of reciprocity and giving to take place. You also need to accept information, payment, and gifts. It is your right.

Receiving, however, is not restricted to gifts and cash. Balance the scale with listening and talking. Set a goal to allow more time for listening than talking. Focus on what is being said and understand rather than giving smart answers or solutions. Most times, people just want you to listen. Try and encourage more talking. Say no to negative thoughts, criticism and stonewalling. Instead try to redirect the conversation and talk about love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, and self-control.

Open your hearts and minds and accept gifts that come your way. Giving has its joys but receiving is equally joyful, if not more.

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