How To Tap Into The Realm Where God’s Power Is Made Known

God's power

Being A Recipient of God’s Power: Going to the Realm Beyond Good Sermons and Spiritual Disciplines


God's power



You may have been going to church for years, maybe you were raised going to church, or maybe your a zealous newcomer; whichever is your relationship, you should be aware you are experiencing God’s power.  For most people, they go to church and receive a word from the pastor, but unfortunately, many churches do not enter into the Holy of Holies, the place where God’s power is KNOWN (not questioned, not suspected).  Even worse, most people do not have an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, so they do not receive their warnings before turmoil in their lives, they are not aware of where to sow or reap for their blessings, or they suffer from low inventory in ideas, strong relationships, money, goods, solutions, or support.


I was one of these people, and you may be able to relate as well.  In the Holy of Holies, miraculous things are observed with the visible eye, rejeuvanation is rendered at astronomical rates, and God’s power surpasses any other spirit evidenced anywhere on the planet.


You may not be experiencing God’s power because you are stuck in religion or tradition: believing that everything has to be done this “certain way because Bishop __________ or Archdiocese __________ said that you have to”. Or, you may be too obligated and unwilling to re-adjust to receive God’s will for your life, and as a result, you are not fulfilled in life, you are not living at their maximum potential, and you are not fulfilling your life purpose.  


When I was in the military, I used to always wake up with this underlying thought that “I had this to do” or “that to do”.  I was so focused on the possibility of traffic on my way to take my son to school, traffic on my way to work, and rushing that I did not respond to the main portal that God used to access me: my dreams.  


You may be able to relate.  Maybe you wake up in a rush every morning, or stay “busy” until it’s time to crash for bed at night.  Maybe you have school, work, family, friends, community, or networking constantly in your radar, and seem to always keep a busy schedule; bouncing from one to another.


Sometimes, we get so focused on physical things that we lose sight of heavenly things.  My tip to you…The heavenly things are always more important! In the heat of the moment, you think, “If I don’t rush, then….I may be late or this won’t get done, or…”, then you miss out on what God may be saying.  For this reason, I say that God should be in your schedule.  


In my post, How to Activate your Spiritual Senses, I talk about how I learned to pay attention to the spiritual realm.  Now, it’s my practice to wake up and meditate on the dream.  I try to remember colors, sequence, what was said or spoken, and at times, I may understand what it means.   Sometimes, I write down my dreams.  I still don’t do that perfectly, but I put effort.  I am telling you, so that you can put it on your radar too.


“Many people undermine the power of God because they see power in other things.”

Some people get hooked on cars because they can see a powerful engine, they see the reputation that they could have, or they feel accomplished because of the access.  Some people get hooked onto sex because they see the power that they can have.  This power that you can access from a material thing, lust, or envy is the kingdom of darkness inspired power.


Others, blatantly seek Satan.  I have heard of people who speak of power thru Satan or other spirits employed by him.  His power is sometimes called voodoo, black magic, sorcery, wicca, and many other things.  They use illegal ways to enter spiritual places which I talk about in one of my most popular articles “Should Christians open their Pineal Gland?”.  People who access his power can manifest physical signs to prove that a spirit is present, but the long term results of tapping into a supernatural realm employed by Satan is temporary enjoyment but joy over the duration.


Listen to these descriptions!  The playlist below shows some examples of people who had authority thru Satan:



The other side of supernatural power does not require lots of debt, people to die or blood sacrifices, it does not require your failure or the failure of those around you, you do not have to be viscious, but instead, the expectation of the Kingdom of Heaven is that all its citizens succeed.  Even more amazing, rather than shows of hate or fear, the Kingdom of Heaven citizens treat people with love, joy, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control thru God’s power.


“The kingdom of darkness is powerful simply because you do not exercise your maximum power by using the access that you have to the Kingdom of God.”


In his book, The Fire That Ignites: Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Tony Evans talks a lot about Supernatural access and tapping into your inheritance as a believer of Christ.  I am beyond excited to share with you how you can manifest the power that overtakes all opposition, the power that breaks demonic strongholds, family curses, and life circumstances. You need access to your divine inheritance!


Action Steps For Entering into the Supernatural presence of the most High God:


-Go before Him

and as a deer pants for water, seek God hungrily.  Understand where you would be without Him (in distress, with chaos, hurt, poor health, and in danger)


-Enter His gates with thanksgiving

Thank Him for what He has done for you.


-Lament to Him in thirst, saying “Father, I want more

I want to spend time with you. I want to feel your presence.  I want you to release the angels into my midst.  I want you to release your supernatural gifts to me.  Open my eyes….”, and continue with your desires of Him.


-Persist in the process

Die to yourself, and receive His presence.




For more information on increasing intimacy with God, God’s power, and gaining a greater understanding of the supernatural, I recommend Dr. Tony Evan’s book, The Fire that Ignites: Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit.



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Now, it’s Your Turn…


Now let’s hear your experience, how do you interact with the Holy Spirit?  Do you have a morning routine that increases your intimacy with God?  Share below.



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  1. I believe that in order to tap into the power of God it first begins with submitting to the will of the God and spending time in His word, prayer, and fasting. There is also praise and worship that causes God to move. Like the scripture says God inhabits the praise of His people. I believe these are the keys that will usher us into God’s presence where we can tap into that power.

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