How To Use Your Armor For Self-Defense In The Spiritual Realm (Part Three): Your Helmet and Belt

Discussing How To Use Your Helmet Of Salvation And Your Belt of Truth To Overcome Spiritual Defense Operations





Your enemy will constantly throw arrows; many of which will be directed at your mind.  The kingdom of darkness attempts to import doubt and export faith; this is their primary strategy.  As a result of Adam’s surrender of his birthright, all were born with a sinful nature, and with poorly trained and low voltage Ambassadors, the Earth is becoming a place of deeper and deeper darkness.  Discernment is a gift that few have requested from the Kingdom of Heaven, therefore most people allow the penetration of enemy arrows because they lack the discernment to see, identify, or defend themselves from them.  Right and wrong are very difficult to identify for most.  Satan has tried with all of his effort to neutralize the truth, and steer you to what’s wrong.  For this reason, the wisest man of all time, King Solomon said we should ask above all things for the ability to discern right from wrong.  Your helmet of salvation is padded with discernment, insight, and is seemless at guarding you from attacks to your mind.  



Salvation means “preservation or deliverance from ruin, loss, or harm”.  With your helmet on, you will be protected from the enemy’s attempts to withdraw things from your mind, from their attempts to add to your mind, or when they attempt to be destructive to your assets there.  Protect your memory, the Truth, your revealed secrets, amongst your other assets by placing your helmet of salvation on.  Your helmet will give you the ability to be defended from attacks in the dark, murky, environment of the Earth, so keep it on!



The Bible speaks of the belt to be used as a tool to enable you to move with haste, to hold clothing in place, to carry mission-essential items (such as water or weaponry), and as a sign of honor.  The belt enables you to move with haste because you don’t have to worry yourself with your garments falling, and you don’t have to gather all of your belongings because the belt has placed them in a reachable location where you can quickly respond to attacks.  When your belt is worn, you do not place yourself at risk by putting weaponry or other necessities down, and enabling the enemy when he steals your tools.  



When I was in the military, I remember seeing people get in trouble for putting down their weapons (even in practice exercises where the weaponry was fake).  We were taught that the weaponry was of high value to the military, it was expensive, and when they are put down, it puts the entire country in harm’s way.  Accordingly, a person who put their weapon down was not simply the recipient of a pat on the hand.  Rather, they were given severe disciplinary action.  Those of higher rank had greater access, and if they were to put their weapons down, very severe disciplinary action takes place because a larger message is sent off.  Imagine, if a commander of 10,000 military personnel nonchalantly places his weapon down (regardless of reason).  It sends the message that the entire force may be poorly trained, low skill, or careless.  



Similar to my military experience, the belt of truth holds a high value to the Kingdom of Heaven, and as an ambassador of Christ, it needs to hold the same value to you.  The Truth is the single ingredient that holds the functions of our world together, and if any of them were compromised, creation would be nonexistent.  Jesus, the creator of eternity, said, “I am the way, the Truth, and the Life.”  We know that His blood purchased access to eternity for the entire Earth’s population and those who resided in Sheol.  Accordingly, if we are instructed to wear this same truth on us at all times, we must understand the value in what we are wearing.  If trendy clothing is guarded and esteemed, how much more, the belt of truth?  Don’t take it off!



When your weapon is around your waste, it is in close proximity to your hands, and when an attacker proceeds, you can respond to grab your weapon in miliseconds or less (depending on your skill level and practice).  Truth is IMPORTANT!  When you sense the enemy approaching or when arrows of deceit aim in your direction, you should be able to respond quickly with truth.  When you are instructed to move from location to location, truth should be amongst the primary necessities on your being.  Your belt of truth also serves as a symbol of allegiance and honor to the Kingdom for which you stand.  As Americans place their left hands over their hearts to say, “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America”.  Your garment expresses the same allegiance; it is a mark of loyalty, submission, and obedience.  In addition, the belt of truth maintains the placement of the Sword of the Spirit on your being.  Keep your belt on, so that when the enemy attempts to overtake you, you can respond with haste.



This playlist will help apply the principles in this article:



Action Steps:


1. Ask yourself, “Have I taken my armor off?”

2. You may have faith, hope, and vision, but can God place all these attributes in you?  Can God have faith, hope, and vision in you?  His word instructs us to be equipped by placing our armor on.  If you have taken your armor off, repent to God.  If you have never placed the helmet of salvation on your head, you are vulnerable to every attack of the enemy which seeks to destroy your life and the lives of those around you.  If you would like to be protected from the evils of the world, and place on the helmet of salvation, say this prayer aloud:



I thank you for creating me.  I thank you that you loved me so much that rather than allow me to live eternally in hell, you would send your Son there to take the keys from the kingdom of darkness that I might have the choice to live in Heaven eternally with you.  I understand that You are the answer to every problem in my life now, and I commit all of them to you.  I stand before the courts of God now and I confess that I am guilty of many wrong deeds.  I plead guilty on behalf of me and those that proceed me.  I crown Jesus as my Lord and King, and I pay my debts for my evil with His blood.  I turn my back on sin and commit this day and forevermore to being guided my your voice and your Words.  Use me to advance your Kingdom in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


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3. Inform God that you are now armed and prepared, and He can trust you now and for the duration of your assignment on this Earth.


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