How To Use Your Armor For Self-Defense In The Spiritual Realm (Part Two): Your Sword and Breastplate


Discussing How To Use Your Sword Of The Spirit And Your Breastplate of Righteousness To Overcome Spiritual Defense Operations






Swords inflate or deflate in value and use depending on the sharpness of the blade.  A sharp blade can be used to overtake whole armies, while contrarily, a dull blade can be an armies demise.  In historic battles, the sword was the primary weapon used to destroy an enemy.  Even after years of weapon exploration, the sword is amongst the most viscious weapons.  Unlike a bullet that simply makes a small whole thru body cavities, the sword slices limbs off, carves organs out, or even, cuts of the head.  Swords are typically used to pierce vital organs and kill an enemy, but success can only be accomplished with passion and skill.  



Bone marrow is a soft, spongy substance that fills the inner cavity of the bones; where the blood is produced.  To harvest bone marrow, typically, surgeons (physicians with years of practice)  have to give the patient anesthesia to help with pain, they use very sharp needles that penetrate thru the skin into the bone, and separate the bone from the marrow.  Even with much skill and expertise, only the hip bones or the sternum are typically used to harvest marrow.  Joints,  would be increasingly difficult to harvest marrow.



Unlike any other sword known to man, the Sword of the Spirit is said to be so sharp and precise that it can separate joints from marrow!  It also has the ability to divide soul and spirit, and judge thoughts and attitudes of the heart (Hebrews 4:12).  The sword of the spirit has greater capability than any other sword known to man, and is a tool given only to those adherents to the New Testament.  In his teaching called, Identifying the Strongman, Apostle Renny Mclean talked about the difference in the authority of those alive during the Old Testament and the New Testament.  He said in the Old Testament, believers were not given the ability to separate soul from spirit, therefore people had to be killed because of the presence of a demon within them.  However, in the New Testament, scripture says that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal.  2 Corinthians 10:3-5 says, “ For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. 4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, 5 casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ”.  Our battles are fought spiritually (as demonstrated by Jesus thru casting out demons and fighting with the Word of God) rather than physically (as demonstrated by God’s command and exercised by his forefather David).  The exercise of New Testament authority is asserted thru the mouth, quoting the pure words of God.  Therefore, read your word–sharpening your access to its content–, and gain skill in using it to rebuttal the attacks of the enemy!



Of all body extremities, your head and your chest are the two that that have the greatest effect on the livelihood of the entire body.  When enemy fire is targeted at either of these extremities, it is deadly!  The head commands the entire mission of life thru mission-essential thoughts while the chest pumps the most essential nutrients to support and fulfill the mission.  



For Earthly militaries, the operations are spread out.  Kitchens are downwind of bathrooms, armories are not located with publicity departments, and intelligence is typically the most isolated of them all.  While spread apart, each operation must work coherently for the mission to succeed, but in spite it all; some operations (such as medical, intelligence, and infantry) are the lifeblood of a military.  If an enemy wants to wipe out its opponents, they know to aim for the head and the chest of the person’s body, and of the entire operation.  



Similarly, Satan’s mission is to kill you, so he instructs his army to aim at the head and chest of your body, and the head and chest of what he knows about of your entire life operation.  He aims to take you out!  



Righteousness can only be achieved by crucifying self. Righteousness is not done for anyone else, but simply for your own protection; it is your choice to spend eternity in glory.   Jesus forsook his will, bore the sins of the world, the torment, the diseases, the rejection, the pain, and transcended the ability of Satan to ensnare us with that by raising from the dead victoriously.  Afterwards, he assigned you to have authority to do the same.  When you come in contact with your will which is defiant by natural birth, you must crucify it, and align with Christ.  This means that when you have been instructed to do something to reach your next assigned spiritual location, despite your feelings, your desires, or the advice of others, you crucify Self, and align with Christ.  Crucifying your will protects you.  It maintains the integrity of your operation.  If you take of your breastplate of righteousness, you risk the possibility of a strike on your livelihood with consequences of instant spiritual (and possibly physical) death.



When the enemy aims your way or even attacks the livelihood of your mission, the breastplate of righteousness will not enable him to succeed.  100% of the time, your breastplate of righteousness will guard your chest cavity (the storehouse of your most needed life nutrients) from enemy force.  Scientists say that the average person can only live 3 minutes without air, they can lose no more than 40% of their blood supply, and their heart cannot stop for more than 3 minutes.  With this being said, a person who has been struck in either the head (with thoughts of destruction) or the chest (with a curse that separates them from revelation and communion with God or man) is in critical danger.



This playlist will help apply the principles in this article:



Action Steps:


1. Ask yourself, “Have I taken my armor off?”

2. You may have faith, hope, and vision, but can God place all these attributes in you?  Can God have faith, hope, and vision in you?  His word instructs us to be equipped by placing our armor on.  If you have taken your armor off, repent to God.

3. Inform God that you are now armed and prepared, and He can trust you now and for the duration of your assignment on this Earth.


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