How To Use Your Armor For Self-Defense In The Spiritual Realm (Part One)


Discussing How To Use Your Shield of Faith and The Gospel Of Peace As Armor To Overcome Spiritual Defense Operations





Disclaimer: As you grow in spiritual maturity, you should move from defensive operations to offensive operations.  In this article, we will be discussing your spiritual armor.  In the future, we will discuss offensive spiritual warfare operations.



With any altercation, adults and babies alike understand the importance of defending one’s self.  Even when something as small as an insect comes close to a person’s face, most people wave their hands in attempts to ward it off.  Surprisingly, the kingdom of darkness swarms closer than any insect, and most people are ill-prepared to ward them off.  God has prepared each and every one of us, so that we do not have to be shot at, but rather, we can overtake the enemy by force.  Let’s discuss your armor in spiritual self-defense:



Put on your shield of faith.  On the Earth, you will be exposed to many things, but you must be mindful that your reality is created spiritually first.  Faith is exercised in more than one way; it is a shield to dodge arrows, but it also a form of currency which purchases imports from Heaven to Earth.  It’s up to you to address matters with the King; rather than to place your hope in another physical “treatment”.  He is the only cure.  When something physically defies His promise or His covenant written to you in His word, you put up your shield of faith; exercising your “No!” power.  When statistics, doubt, or fear raise flags of opposition, you say, “No! The King of Heaven has said…” or you declare the decree as written in the Bible, saying, “It is written…”.  Your faith can be used to move mountains amongst other things, but there are some things that cannot be purchased by your faith, rather, you will have to be anointed by the king for some, while for others, you will have to enter the glory or the presence of God to receive them (we will discuss this concept more later).  


As you walk in obedience and submission, God will give you the responsibility to exemplify good stewardship with more.  In other words, as you steward well, he will enlarge your territory.  For this reason, Jesus said, “Those who have, more will be given to them.  Those who do not have, even what they have will be taken away”.  Exercise the ability that you have with your faith interacting with the power of God; this alone can liberate others with evidence of miracles, signs, and wonders.  As you show yourself as an approved ambassador, you will be given gifts (increased revelation, prophesy, discerning of spirits, a heavenly tongue, and many more), you will be given an increased anointing, and the glory of God will be apparent to you everywhere you go.  


The Gospel of Peace. Moses, Elijah, Elisha,  Jesus, the disciples and others have shown you the power that is accessible to you by aligning with the laws of Heaven. Their testimonies were not written to confine God, but to reveal Him.  The things written of should be increased in the lives of believers today.  Unlike Elijah and Moses who fought their battles physically, you have been given increased authority by the resurrection power of Jesus.  Yes, it is true that Jesus died, which to some may appear that he lost if you stop there, but that is not the end of the story, it continues.  He descended to Sheol (the place where dead souls rest), he entered two regions there (as mentioned in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus).  He entered the region of torment (where unbelievers await judgement) and Abraham’s bosom (where the righteous awaited the completion of the Messiah’s salvation plan) (Luke 16:19-31).  He experienced the torment for our sake, he experienced separation (the inability to speak to or commune with God), an atmosphere of complete (100%) evil, He endured the wrath of God, took the keys from Satan, trampled him under his feet by ascending from the pits of hell and raising from the dead.  Not only did he raise from the dead, but he also brought many others with him (See Matthew 27:52-53 for an eyewitness testimony).  


Therefore just as He overcame all things (sickness, disease, mental anguish, hatred, rejection, pain, curses, death, and all other evils imaginable), He has given you His signet ring (His stamp of authority) for you trample Satan and his army underfoot, and take back territory he has unlawful possession of (we will discuss this more in depth later).  God can do greater than He has revealed prior.  When the Kingdom is manifested, peace is inevitable.  Take with you the gospel of peace everywhere you go!  



Physical laws that the Earth and its inhabitants must abide by can be transcended by tapping into the supernatural realm.  Unfortunately, in the present, occultists and luceferians exercise defiance against the natural laws by tapping into the supernatural laws of the kingdom of darkness, but you do not seek God to transcend physical barriers.  You name it, He can do it.  You read it in His word, He can create and surpass it.  Even more, He can create unimaginable things.  The gospel of peace is the greatest medicine; it provides your instructions for how to attain your Kingdom benefits, how to transform bad into good, and how to turn heartache into laughter.



This playlist will help apply the principles in this article:



Action Steps:


1. Ask yourself, “Have I taken my armor off?”

2. You may have faith, hope, and vision, but can God place all these attributes in you?  Can God have faith, hope, and vision in you?  His word instructs us to be equipped by placing our armor on.  If you have taken your armor off, repent to God.

3. Inform God that you are now armed and prepared, and He can trust you now and for the duration of your assignment on this Earth.


For more information on the armor or defensive spiritual warfare, check out these articles (below), and be on the look out for my next book, 12 Undeniable Laws For Being A Kingdom of Heaven Ambassador.


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