Love: How We Can Add More Love To Our Lives

Have you struggled with how to rejuvenate the love in your relationships?

Many of us have experienced the same struggle!


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My husband and I wanted to add more flames to our fire too, and so we decided to do a Bible Study on how to show love to others.  Here, we have listed six things that we can do to add more love to our relationships.

1. Show honor to others.

Be excited to see other people; not just those that you don’t see often, but be excited to see your children and your husband.  Be excited to see your friends that check on you often.  Don’t take other people’s time for granted; it is but a vapor.

2. Pay Close Attention to Their Unique Attributes

Say things like, “your the greatest at ________ that I’ve ever seen”, your have the most ________ of everyone that I know. Be honest, but attentive to how God hs made each person unique. Appreciate how God has distinguished us.

3. Avoid Negative Talk

“My husband is horrible at _________”, “My kids look horrible when they wear___________”

4.Project high value onto others

Others treat your loved ones based on the value that you have projected onto them.  If you talk bad about your husband, others will also talk bad about him because you have projected a low value on him.  Alternatively, if you talk highly of your family, others will also follow your lead and hold the same views of them.  Also note, that speaking life creates life.  When you speak positive, the laws of attraction allows this behavior to come to you, but you have to banish the negative thought and the mentality behind those words.  Have faith in the good.

5.Project the same value onto others that God has

The value that we project onto others must be consistent with the value that God has projected.  Sometimes we may perceive people to act cheap and treat them based on our presumption, but God has assigned them value. If we treat them less (even when they act horribly), we are wrong.

6. Know that your perception is different from others.

We should say to our husbands, “You are the best husband in the world”, and to our children, “you are the best children in the world” because we are sharing our honorable perception of them; encouraging them.

We discussed many more things during this Bible Study, and it was nourishing to our souls. May God continue showing us how we can increase our potential in the way that we show love; knowing that agape is the perfect aspiration. Amen!

How To Show Love video with my husband, my son, and I:



How do you add flames to your fire?  Leave your comments below.


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