These are the among the favorites of the business tools, courses, and books that have contributed to bringing Kingdom of Heaven Ambassador where it is today.  Hopefully these recommendations can contribute to increased success for you also.


The courses that are my favorite are those with a high return on investment.  Let me explain…


I’ve taken courses that tickle my ears and make me think.  Then, I’ve taken other courses where the skills give me a competitive advantage, and I can ask for more pay from clients because of the skill value that’s added.  The courses I recommend are the type of courses where the value of the skills allows you to increase your income in the marketplace.  So far, I have two courses that I highly recommend, and two course retailers that I recommend also.  These courses I’ll mention stand superior to my University education that costs tens of thousands of dollars more (even my graduate courses in my opinion).


Wealthy Affiliate (don’t let the FREE price detour you…the value is too much)


This membership doubles as a web host and one-of-a-kind internet marketing training (especially in affiliate marketing) when you’re a premium member.  As a free member, you can have lifetime access to lots of benefits.  Wealthy affiliate membership includes Internet Marketing certification (on PPC Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Launching a Blog, SEO, Keyword Research, and so much more), web hosting, a keyword research tool, and a very engaged blogging community that is one-of-a-kind!  Visit <> for my full review.


The Billionaire Blog Club (I bought the lifetime membership and I had my entire ROI within one month)!


The Billionaire Blog Club adds onto Wealthy Affiliate a killer Pinterest Marketing Strategy, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, amazing ongoing blog challenges, and another great community.


Thru each of these two trainings, I can meet new people, exchange favors like blog comments, repins on Pinterest, give and receive feedback on upcoming ideas, and so on.  The networking piece of the puzzle is invaluable for bloggers or work-from-home creatives.


Udemy and Skillshare


For additional professional development, I also recommend checking out Udemy.  I’ve taken courses on Sales, Growth Hacking, SEO, PPC, and so many other courses thru Udemy.  They’re like the Amazon for professional development.  Every month, I buy courses to increase my skills: some budget and some high-end.  It’s important to stay sharp in many areas as an entrepreneur, and Udemy will help improve a versatile set of skills on how to entrepreneur: from taxes to digital marketing.  You name it and Udemy has a course on it, and they’re VERY budget-friendly with a high ROI!




I listen to one to two audiobooks monthly (sometimes more if I’m in the car a lot).  Since I am always on the go, sometimes, I am unable to sit down and read a book, but I can listen to an audiobook while I cook or while I push my daughter in her stroller. Audible is a great tool for learning how to entrepreneur.  There are loads of great books there that teach on many aspects of entrepreneurship.


Kingdom of Heaven Ambassador Technology/App Recommendations


A successful business is built on the back of good products and services.  We have carefully selected a series of products and services to help our business succeed.  We’ve tried SEVERAL, and lost loads of money on the wrong things.  After trying and bumping our head NUMEROUS times, these are the tools we love, stick with, and recommend.  These are our “business partners”.  Without these reliable services, we wouldn’t be here.


Premium Blog Themes, Membership Website/Course Creation, and Marketing Conversion Tools – Thrive Themes

I’ve tried several premium themes and spent thousands on web developers to try to make my website look nice.  Then, I went back to using free themes because the premium themes were so difficult!  What a waste of money!  I’ve tried themes with mega hype, but found them to be very difficult to use.  I’ve went thru my share of plugin compatibility issues, and after much stagnant business movement while trying to discover appropriate tools, I tried Thrive Themes.


What a great decision!


Thrive Themes are simple to use, but can scale you to a multi-million dollar business.  There are several multi-millionaires that use Thrive to run their businesses.  With Thrive, you won’t need other popular services like Clickfunnels, leadpages, social media plugins, author boxes, and so many more that slow your website down, take your traffic from your site, or make you leave your money on the table.


For $298/year, we purchase the annual membership, and get all of the Thrive products: the conversion-focused themes and plugins.  We save thousands in comparison to others who buy one theme per site, buy landing page subscriptions, and so on.  Plus, we get better technology.  It’s been a win-win for us!  Check them out and see our full theme review HERE!


Email Marketing – Convertkit


I was using Mailchimp for email marketing, but it is very limited regarding how you can get to know your readers.  With Convertkit, you can “tag” your readers, so you can segment them and send them specific things they may be interested.


For example, when I begin writing more content about female entrepreneurs, the men may not want to see that, right?  With Mailchimp, I wouldn’t be able to prevent men on my email list from getting the content for females.


With Convertkit, I can add tags and segment the men into a different list that is consistent with their reading preferences.  The tagging and segmenting increases unsubscribe rates (when you’re paying attention).  Convertkit also has amazing analytics.  While Mailchimp is free, I chose to go with the additional features for email marketing.  I recommend checking Convertkit out!


Pinterest Marketing – Boardbooster


I learned an amazing Pinterest Marketing Strategy thru my membership at the Billionaire Blog Club.  The Club founder, Paul Scrivs runs 13 blogs with a combined pageview count of more than 2 million views per month! I was able to go from 0 views on Pinterest to over 100,000 views in one month using his Pinterest marketing strategies!  This increased my shares, my referral traffic from Pinterest, and so on.


He uses entirely organic traffic generation methods (mostly using Pinterest and Boardbooster) to generate that magnitude of traffic, so can you imagine if he combined his method with Wealthy Affiliate‘s mega PPC training?  That would be thru the roof, and you can be thru the roof by combining both strategies!


You can begin to automate your Pinterest Marketing and increase your traffic to your website using Boardbooster for $5/month – BUT- I think you should invest in learning the high ROI strategies of Paul Scrivs when you get the chance!


Kingdom of Heaven Ambassador Digital Organization Tool Recommendations


Google Suite – Surveys, Online forms, Word Processing, Collaboration, etc.


I use the Google Suite for practically everything!  I use the Google Calendar as my second brain.  It tells me when my Kingdom of Heaven Ambassador appointments are, and sometimes, I even rely on it, or I’ll forget to eat!  I also use Google Docs, Google Sheets, and all the rest.  They are mission essential for me.


Trello – Project Management, Idea Generation, and Planning


Trello helps me to manage Kingdom of Heaven Ambassador projects, communicate with collaborators, share files and notes, plan my editorial calendar, and so much more.  I use Trello every single day.


Pinterest – Research and Idea Generation


Pinterest is my favorite social media platform and it’s a search engine!  When I am thinking about writing on something for Kingdom of Heaven Ambassador or another blog, I use Pinterest to evaluate whether the idea is well covered, what people are looking for, how many likes/shares was received by similar content and so on.


Spending Tracking – Personal Capital and Everydollar


I track my spending in Personal Capital and Everydollar. Thru Personal Capital, I get regular notifications about my net worth increases and decreases.  With Everydollar, I challenge myself to maintain certain spending goals, so I can have more loose cash to invest in my business.  As a boostrapping entrepreneur, I need to be cautious about my personal finances so I can use my money to grow my business.


Kingdom of Heaven Ambassador Invoicing and Profit/Loss Tracking – Freshbooks


Since I do freelance consulting (as you can see on my How to Entrepreneur consulting page), I need to have a method of collecting payments and so on.  I use Freshbooks to organize my expense categories, to track the profit and losses of my business, and to send invoices to my customers.


Kingdom of Heaven Ambassador Business and Personal Finance Recommendations


Destiny by T.D. Jakes


Destiny by T.D. Jakes book covered so much! From prioritization to self esteem, from time management to interpersonal relationships–this book was a personal development behemoth!  When you know you’re business is an expression of your destiny, I highly suggest you checking this book out!


Total Money Makeover and Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey


When I began bootstrapping my business, my finances were whacked out!  It was complete craziness!  I needed to clean up my finances by tracking my spending well, cutting expenses, and changing my habits.  My husband and I had to have challenging conversations we never had before, but the type that will build a future we could be proud of.  This book was a life changer!  If you’re building a business, going on the personal finance journey recommended by Dave Ramsey in his book Total Money Makeover, and in his in-depth course, Financial Peace University will be invaluable!


Seven Habits of Highly Effective People


There are habits successful people have that others can emulate to achieve success.  The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People book helped me to realize what those stark contrasting habits of successful people are.  Of all of the chapters, the one that stuck out to me most is “Begin with the end in mind”.  This book is another one where I felt lifted into another realm of earning potential when I was done.


Living Forward


I’ve become a large proponent of life planning.  I used to write goals, resolutions, and so on, but Michael Hyatt’s book, Living Forward, has the best life planning process I’ve seen.  I recommend reading this book and stopping by my lifestyle blog to get the free life planning template and course.  It will change your life!




Dave Ramsey is on the list again! EntreLeadership was an amazing book that covered a broad spectrum of how to entrepreneur.


I listened to the audiobook and stayed engaged the whole time!  It was one of those audiobooks where you’re excited to have time to listen to it!  I’d listen to it in my car, and whenever it was time to get in the car, I was excited to drive the speed limit (even in school zones). LOLOLOL!  My 10-year old loved listening to it too!  He would say, “Mom, are you turning on EntreLeadership?!!!”  KUDOS to Dave Ramsey for a job well done!


He talked about leadership, his bootstrapping experience, his one-of-a-kind compensation setup for his employees, hiring, firing, and maintaining his values.  EntreLeadership was packed with substance!


The Millionaire Next Door


The mainstream media broadcasts millionaires in a way that is starkly contrasted by Thomas Stanley’s lifetime research on what millionaires are really like.  In The Millionaire Next Door, Stanley talks about their spending habits, their philosophies, and the living styles of the average millionaire.  If you are aspiring to be wealthy or to exceed your current living standards, this book could be a huge help for pruning mentalities you may not have known were there.




Well, I could go on and on with books, products and services that have changed my life; however, these are my top Kingdom of Heaven Ambassador recommendations for ministry leaders who want to be grounded in Entrepreneurship.  As I find more products and services that will benefit entrepreneurs, I will write them here.  As always, I will tell you about specific products and services that solve a problem on the blog, or in anything else I create.  I hope that you enjoy each of these products and services as much as I do.  Each of these are truly my favorites ever.  Many other people cherish these recommended products dearly, and I use them regularly for KOHA Lifestyle Improvement Media Group blogs!


To your success,

Tiffany Domena