Revelation 2 and 3: Have You Judged Your Spiritual Status?

revelation 2

Discussing Revelation 2 and 3 Seven Messianic Assemblies, How To Judge Our Spiritual Status, And Grow Closer To Yeshua


revelation 2Have you taken time to judge your spiritual status to see which ways you can grow?  Have you identified something in the Word of God that you can improve on?  Remember, Yahweh is not wanting a manufacturer-consumer relationship with you.  He calls you His child, and He wants the veil to be off as in a marriage.  In Revelation 2 and 3, Yeshua speaks to seven messianic assemblies, and today we are going to discuss and apply His advice to them.  Let’s get started…



I listened to Pastor Jim Staley tell a story about his daughter.  He said she called him into her room and asked him, “Do you notice what’s different?”.  He didn’t notice right away, so she said, “I made my bed up like you ask me to do everyday”.  The young girl was between 6 and 8 years of age, and the bed was done sloppy, but in that instance, it brought him to tears because God was speaking thru the moment.  God was telling him, “It’s not whether you do it perfectly, but if you give your best effort”.



From personal experience, it’s always a privilege when my son or my husband try to do something they think I would like.  I remember my son making a new purse for me out of paper, and my husband surprising me with a new phone.  It’s so nice when they go beyond the basics and say, “Here is something additional that I want to do out of love for you”.  It’s even better when they have exceeded everything that I have asked them to do, AND go above with surprises.



Sometimes, we read the Bible, we don’t understand everything in it, but we stay in a stagnant position; applying what we do understand without pursuing the true depth in the remainder.  There is so much depth in the Bible, so many layers that you can pull back to align more and more with Yahweh.  Seeking the truth is a continual journey and never stops.  Self-analysis should be an ongoing journey where we are continually asking, “How can I apply more of God’s word?  How can I make Abba happier with what I am doing?  How can I express my love for Yeshua better?”  A commitment to obeying His entire Word is the beginning of a delightful and intimate journey with Messiah.  Added onto a fermented and powerful life of obedience is giving and service, and so on become things that you can explore.



revelation 2The Bible says that Yeshua came the first time as the prophet Moses spoke of, the Son of God, a servant, and the atonement sacrifice for sin.  In Deuteronomy 18:15, Moses said, “The Lord thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken;”



Moses came from royal lineage, left royal lineage went to the segregated placed of Midian, and returned to a place of slavery mistreated by his brother (pharaoh) to free the people of Israel from Egypt.  Yeshua came from royal lineage.  He left royal treatment to be a prophet, servant, atonement sacrifice; mistreated by his brothers.


He went to Sheol took the keys from Death and Hades, resurrected alongside many others, and went to Heaven to prepare a place for His bride.  When He returns, we will see the greater exodus as Yeshua frees His people from the New World Order plagues, and reigns eternally.  His expectation is to return to rule and reign eternally on Earth, marry a bride that has been anticipating his return and maintaining her purity.



In Revelation 2 and 3, Yeshua speaks to seven messianic congregations.  The seven congregations were within one mile of one another, but they each had a different culture with different skills represented, and a heavy exaltation of paganism.  Although only seven churches were addressed during John’s revelation of Yeshua, most scholars agree that the seven churches represent believers as a whole.  The commendations and warnings are just as relevant (if not more relevant) for us today as they were for the believers of Turkey at that time.  Each congregation was a group of believers in Yeshua, however, not all of them were satisfying Him with their lives, and each was warned accordingly.



Revelation 2:1-7: To Ephesus, Yeshua commended them for good works, patient endurance, intolerance of evil, intolerance of evildoers and imposters, endurance thru persecution, and for testing people amongst them.  Despite the things they were doing good, Yeshua still saw areas where they could improve.  He warned them that they don’t demonstrate the love they had at first.


He wanted them to turn back to your first love, and do the things that you did at first.  Yeshua was not talking to Ephesus about sin.  We see many believers lose heart as life demands distract them from the purpose behind their works.  It sounds like Ephesus was a good demonstration, but they had lost the spark behind their works.  Working, sustaining a family, combating enemy strikes, serving others, learning, and seeing the enemy attempting to tear you down can be draining.  Let us not lose heart or grow weary in well doing!  Yeshua measures each of our works and our hearts.  We don’t want to be caught doing good works without a contrite heart of love behind them.  Beware!



Revelation 2:8-11: To Smyrna, Yeshua commended them for enduring persecution and insults, and enduring imprisonment by the Adversary.  His warning for them was to endure.  Many Christians today are experiencing physical persecution as the church of Smyrna did.  The Western church has not experienced persecution like the east, but as they continue to be intrigued over things of the east (communism, socialism, eastern religions, Yoga, martial arts, etc.), the behaviors of the east will rise.



Europe’s Christian community is seeing rises in persecution now that they have become a smaller representation of the total populace.  Britain reports 40% of their population Christian with a quickly growing number of Islam adherents by birth and immigration.  Muslim-Christian riots have been breaking out as the Islam populace from the middle east (especially Syria) runs to Europe as a safe haven from the United Nations induced violence rising in many Islam nations.



revelation 2In Smyrna, Bishop Polycarp was burned alive.  Many other members of the church of Smyrna were viciously treated, their reputations were slandered, and they were looked at in an animal-like way.  Despite everything they experienced, Yeshua told them they are rich in Heaven, and their reward is given to them after they leave the Earth.  Let us not get too focused on earthly pleasure and satisfaction.  Yeshua knew they were poor by physical standards, but in the Kingdom, they are rich.  Let us remember to store our treasure in the Kingdom where we get the longest yielding return on our investment; nothing else matters beyond this life.



Revelation 2:12-18:  To Pergamum, Yeshua recognized they lived amongst Satan’s throne, but they have been holding onto Yeshua’s name.  Archaeologists have found Satan’s throne of Pergamum.  Since, the time of Revelation, Adolf Hitler has moved the throne to Germany.  Some of Hitler’s most notable speeches were said on the throne of Satan; moved from Pergamum to Germany.



Recently, Barak Obama traveled to Germany to give a speech on the throne of Satan.  How horrendous!  Satan’s throne in Pergamum could have been a demonic portal where spirits cross realms when they are conjured, or it could simply be the physical throne that sits today in the Berlin Museum.  Hitler thought it was the physical structure, so he moved it to Germany.  Regardless, Pergamum was a central location for witchraft and paganism.



Believers in Yeshua would have been going against the status quo of their day by honoring God rather than Satan.  Accordingly, they would have experienced tense spiritual warfare that was exemplified in the physical realm in varying ways; denial of pagan customers for Christian business owners, segregation, manipulation, differential treatment, and persecution amongst many other things.



The church of Pergamum did not turn away from Yeshua even after one of their members named Antipas was killed, and Yeshua commended them for this.  Unfortunately, some were adherents to Balaam’s teaching, some were adherents to the Nicolaitan’s teaching, and Yeshua told them to turn away!



Balaam was a prominent magician who demonstrated successfully the ability to bless and curse people.  For this reason, on several instances throughout the Bible, Balaam was paid by kings to travel to curse an enemy.  As always, magic is always subservient to God’s power.  Balaam tried to curse what God blessed, but was unsuccessful even with intense bribery.  He said, “How can I curse whom God has not cursed? How can I denounce those whom the Lord has not denounced?”(Numbers 23:8) Balaam (a prominent magician of kings) proved that no one can curse a person God has blessed.


The Nicolaitans were known as adherents to the dominant hyper-grace teaching of our day.  In his book, The People That History Forgot, Dr. Earnest Martin talks about excavations of the followers of Simon Magus and Nicolaitans.  The pure teaching of Yeshua has been diluted since the 1st century.  People have intentionally distorted his teaching; using grace as a license to sin.  Yeshua said he hates the teaching of thief Nicolaitans.  We should hate hearing the gospel distorted (as is commonly done today) into a Nicolaitan-Christianity where “grace” replaces the law, and people who call themselves “Christian” look like pagans.



revelation 2The same warning that applied to the church of Pergamum applies to the churches today.  Many believers are holding to the magical arts and the teaching of Balaam.  Some people who call themselves “Pastors” or “Evangelists” are in fact, magicians, and are not using the power of God to “slay people in the Spirit”, to bless, or to curse.  Yeshua warned against this with the church of Pergamum.  The phenomena of believers adhering to magical arts is much larger today than ever before because of rising medication dependence, witchcraft attacks on the food supply (GMO foods, additives, seed manipulation, etc.), Luciferian ownership of the media industry and governments, and more.  Take Yeshua’s warning seriously, and evict magic from your presence!



Revelation 2:18-29: To Thyatira, Yeshua commended them for their works, love, perseverence, trust, and service.  Unfortunately, Some tolerated Jezebel (food sacrificed to idols and sexual sin).  Jezebel is spoken of in 1 Kings.  She married one of the most wicked kings of Israel, King Ahab.  She led him and the people of the northern kingdom of Israel into Baal worship.  They built altars to Baal, implemented idol worship, sacrificed to idols, misused the temple of God, and killed prophets of God.  Jezebel intensely persecuted God’s people to include the prophet Elijah.



We see many believers today that tolerate modern-day Jezebels.  People like Jay-Z and Beyonce, Oprah, Disney, the Luciferian movie industry, the Luciferian political agenda, the Luciferian medical industry are turning believers away from Yahweh, leading them to sacrifice to other gods, misusing the temple of God by entertaining Luciferian doctrine within our minds and congregations, and persecuting adherents to the Way of Yeshua.  We need to stop!  Evangelizing is not being entertained!  Yeshua warned against tolerance of Jezebel, and we need to take His warning seriously or reap consequences on judgement day.



Revelation 3:1-6: To Sardis, Yeshua did not commend them at all.  He said they have a reputation of being alive but are dead. Some people give the illusion that they have it all together.  We see Christians who appear to be prosperous, getting “inner circle” opportunities to preach, and talking about Yeshua in places steeped with paganism.  Sometimes, when we see people who call themselves “Christian” representing a form of godliness in the midst of paganism, we immediately commend them, and attach a reputation of livelihood to them.



More and more megachurch pastors have this exterior reputation of being alive because they are preaching at the United Nations, they are members of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, they are at the Grammy Awards, regular attendees to “inner circle” meetings with elite individuals, and we assume, “Maybe they are sharing the gospel”.  Yeshua is saying some of us have a reputation of being alive, but inside, we are actually dead.  Some of the people you think are alive, may actually be dead spiritually.  Some of the people you analyze, you think they are doing good works, and they are alive, but their works do not measure up to Yeshua.  You may believe you are alive, but are dead.  Yeshua said that we need to wake up or He will come like a thief in the night.  Beware!



Revelation 3:7-13: To Philadelphia, Yeshua commended them for using the little power they had to obey.  We get power from our reputations, our roles among society, and our wealth.  Philadelphia’s congregants used what they had to serve Yeshua.  They did not disown Him.  As a result, Yeshua warned them that some people from the synagogue of Satan would come to prostrate themselves and know they are His.  In his book, The People That History Forgot, Earnest Martin described excavations of the Synagogue of Satan.



He described the appearance of a Jewish synagogue with idols inside.  He said Hebrew inscriptions were inside of the synagogues, so originally, archaeologists thought it was a backslidden period of the Jews, but rather, it was an imitation of Jewish customs by people who looked like Jews, but were in fact Samaritans.  In Isaiah’s time, Israel was taken captive by Assyria and replaced by pagan people.  God’s anger was poored out on the people who mistreated God’s land, and a Levite was sent to train the people how to please God, and stop the plagues.  The pagan residents of Israel were not listening to the priest, and over time, they intermingled culturally (some with Israelites).  The residents who were placed in Israel by the Assryrian ruler Tiglath-Pileser became the Samaritan people who had an imitation of Judaism that looked somewhat like the Roman Catholic church today.  Yeshua warned them that the synagogue of Satan would be coming to the Philadelphian church, and they must  persevere to receive their eternal reward.




Revelation 3:14-22: To Laodicea, Yeshua did not commend them for anything.  Instead, he sternly spoke to them about choosing their temperature: hot or cold.  When we read our Bibles and experience conviction, we are supposed to act on the conviction.  When we attempt to make excuses for anything the Bible says, we make shades of grey or dilute our spiritual temperature.  We dilute our spiritual temperature with unholy alliances, and we compromise to a lukewarm relationship with Yahweh.  Yeshua wants us to be hot instead of lukewarm or cold.  If we stay lukewarm or cold, He will spit us out.



The commendations and warnings to the seven churches shows us that we use the term “saved” too loosely.  We experience salvation every time the living Torah (Yeshua) forfeits a consequence from our life.  However, we can never get too comfortable in our past, and not press on in our future. The opportunity for salvation has been granted to us; the eternal reward is granted by continually living a repentant and obedient lifestyle.



Action Steps:


  1. Take time to analyze your status with Yeshua
  2. Write down some areas that you can improve
  3. Make specific and timely goals to ensure you are intentionally developing your relationship with Yeshua


Make Yeshua your first love!


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  1. Reading your post it made me think about how Jesus defended a woman who was anointed him with expensive perfume and one disciple gave a reproach to it. It shows me that Jesus was touched by her gesture and asked that disciple why he wanted to make her sad for it. That’s one of the reason why I live him so much.

    It’s like you say, he is touched by the effort we make, rather than how perfect it is or not.

    And that passage about God promising a Prophet (Jesus) to the people, is also a good indication that God cared about how the people were feeling and how he could better reach to them.

    In fact, he became like one of us through his Son, humble, meek, full of goodness and grace.

    1. Tiffany Domena

      You’re right Guy! He wasn’t haughty. He didn’t look down on her because of the kingship he knew he had, and the poverty she was in. He accepted her best effort in that moment. I believe He’ll accept our best effort, but not our excuses. So many of us are excuses our best effort by saying “we have grace”.  I’m sure he (or anyone else that loves us) wouldn’t be happy that we settled under those terms. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such great input!

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