The Power of Gratitude

How a Simple “Thank you” can transform your world

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Gratitude is one of the best medicines for depression. The Bible says that gratitude is how we should enter the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Can you recall the story of a man that spends an immeasurable amount of time planning for a romantic getaway with his wife. He prepares a place for them to stay.  He makes sure that there is an abundance of anything that she could ever desire: food, leisure, plants, fresh air, water, scenery, companionship, etc.  Then, when he takes her on this beautiful getaway, he promises her that they could be like  this forever and experience love unending.  She acts unimpressed, and does not even remember to say, “thank you”.  Have you heard this story before?  You may be saying, “No. never!”.  This is the story of you and God.

He has planned a prosperous life for you, a getaway where you can cross between Heaven and Earth with as many amenities as you could imagine, He has ensured that you will never have to lack, nor feel pain, and all He wants in return is a, “thank you”.  Why is this hard for you?  “Thank you” is the word that attracts more for you.  “Thank you” is the feeling that radiates within you and attracts abundance to you.

What gratitude does?

The humongous benefits that gratitude brings about cannot be measured. You will however feel much happier almost instantly. Here are the other things you can expect when you develop the habit of being grateful,

  • The best way to make use of the law of attraction is to use gratitude to attract all things positive. When you are thankful, your happiness increases and when this happens, you attract more of it.
  • Many people struggle to remain positive. Gratitude is the easiest way to do so. It keeps your attention right on the positive things in your life.
  • People who suffer from depression or lack motivation are immensely benefited by gratitude. It helps you remain enthusiastic irrespective of the challenges you are facing. This self-motivation will give you the dedication and perseverance to achieve success.
  • Gratitude is the shortcut to your Source. Your monkey-mind cannot woe you into its mess and negativity when you have gratitude strongly implanted within you. When you go beyond your mind, that’s where you will find your Source.
  • If you are struggling with one area of your life, feel gratitude for all that you already have in this area. This will not just change this area and render you fruitful results, but also fill in you a sense of contentment, which is of much value.


How to be grateful?

While it is true that you may not have all favorable memories, you have been blessed with some. Have you been able to shower?  Who combined the hydrogen and the oxygen?  God.  Have you been able to eat?  Who creates the plant, provides the water for them, and made the people to harvest it for you?  God.  When your mind is focused on negatives, you attract more of it, and as a result you may have gotten into the habit of focusing only on the negatives. To turn this around, you need to shift to the gratitude-mode to be and attract positives. Here are some suggestions for how you can transform your life, and begin to live with more joy TODAY:

  • Write SMART goals daily, and track your accomplishments (small and large)
  • List out all the accomplishments and things that you are thankful for every morning and night. This makes it clear to your conscious and subconscious mind that you are blessed in so many ways.
  • Start observing yourself and every time you encounter a pessimistic thought, replace it with something that you are thankful for.
  • Start feeling gratitude in small ways and the bigger flow will follow. You can mention basic things like food, sleep, ability to read, eyes, ears, etc., in your gratitude list to start off with.

It takes continuous practice to turn your mind from the nagging-mode to the one that is filled with gratitude. Take small steps forward and persevere to make gratitude your attitude.


What are you grateful for?  How do you express it?



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