The Power Of Truth

A Keystone To Great Character


"The Truth will Make you Free"


Truth is the keystone that forms the basis of any great character. Living a truthful life gives you freedom from the fear.  When something or someone tells you that you can’t do something, the Truth tells you, “Yes you can!”.  When someone accuses you of something, the Truth will have you back.  The Truth is harmonious with eternity and limitless in time.  The Truth is always power.

The truth is the guardian of the conscience, the lighthouse of the soul, and the final touchstone of right. Truth is the revelation of what is ideal; it is, however, also the inspiration to live the ideals.  The Truth drives passion as creators work endless hours to reveal the endless possibilities that it has foretold.

A faithful man named Abraham left his homeland and his family to follow the voice of God.  He and his wife held onto the promise of a child.  After man years of waiting for a child, the agreed to use a surrogate, their servant Hagar despite the word of Truth that Sarah would bear a child.  Hagar bore a son named Ishmael, whose generations became those of Arabic descent.  Years later, at 99 years old, Sarah bore  a child named Isaac, whose descendants became those of Jewish descent.

Even after hundreds of years, the descendants of these siblings still fight over who is supposed to inherit the land of their father.  Why?  Lies cause war!  Lies oppose peace, and Abraham and Sarah strayed away from the word of Truth.

Many times, you think that your lies effect only you.  The truth is that your lies do not.  How many times have you seen someone that has passed away, and it leaves families arguing about the truth?  Lies are vicious greeters of Hatred!  Telling lies is one of the oldest vices in the world, something which was recorded in the first ever interview of mankind – in the Garden of Eden. Telling lies is sacrificing the honor of an individual in order to create a false impression or a wrong impression on another. However, truth can stand alone unlike lies. It does not need a chaperone or an assistant for support. Truth, however, is the oldest in virtues and it was there before man could even be there to perceive it.

It is constant and unchangeable. If people always tell the truth, people will be able to enjoy better relationships with the others. Most of the arguments that people have at home is mostly about lying and hiding the truth. Once you do not lie, your relationships will automatically get better.  The Truth diffuses conflict and brings peace in every situation.

If people always tell you the truth, then you will naturally be calmer. Every time you meet a new person, you tend to worry whether or not they are telling you the truth.  What if the person you are dating lies to you about her marital status? What if your kid lies to you about going to a movie hall, whereas they end up going to smoke cigarettes somewhere far away? When people tell you the truth that is the point where your worries would end.

When you tell people the truth, you not only maintain credibility, but you also build trust, and establish good character. You also increase your favor before man and God. When you tell the truth, only good Karma builds up as compared to bad Karma and you therefore, look favorable in the eyes of God. When you tell the truth, you can also enjoy a few mental and physical benefits. Lack of trust can, on the other hand, make people constantly question you. Therefore, it is better to tell the truth than tell the untruth.

QUESTION: What is your practice to keep lies from your conversations?


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