Vibrations: Are You Sending Wrong Vibes?

Learn how to Align The Vibrations of Your Physical and Spiritual Voice


Louise Hay When I create peace, harmony, and balance in my mind, I find it in my life


Have you recalled instances where you felt that you were misunderstood?  You propose a product that you believe would benefit someone, and they perceive you as wanting their money?  You go into a room of people that you perceive likeness, but they perceive something else?



I have also had times where people absolutely gained the wrong perception of me. At times, I have been mistaken as conceited, receptive to unwanted male attention, inferior, superior, untouchable, overtly humble, a student, a teacher, and the list goes on.



Perceptions, in the right context, are a good thing. When a person sees you for who you truly are (as rare as that may be), it is an awesome feeling of alignment and a time when communication, love, joy, and peace flows back and forth blissfully. However, for most, the times when our perceptions are consistent with who we are, is very rare.



We are spiritual beings in a physical body. The vibration of our spirits house a greater ability to communicate than do our physical bodies. Sound waves send vibrations, but our spirits’ vibration far supersede physical sound.



When we say, “I believe that I am going to be a successful business owner”, or “I have a huge vision that I am confident will come to fruition”, but our spirit sends a different vibration,the spiritual vibration over sounds the physical one. The same thing can happen when we speak with individuals or network, beyond our picture or our words are an equation that can be seen partially in the physical thru dress, cleanliness, organization, posture, stride, eye contact, volume, tone, etc., but mostly our perceptions are sounded by the spiritual.



Unify Your Voice!



If we want our spiritual and physical vibration aligned we must practice:

  • Faith

Faith is the spiritual muscles that we use to pull spiritual things into physical existence.

  • Repetition of positive self-talk

The Spirit does not see the lack and the malfunction that the ego sees. The Spirit is confident that there is always a solution, and when we submit to this, we can be aligned.

  • Use  the powers that I spoke of in my book, Perception: The World’s Most Affluent Leader: love, visibility, your story, volume, visibility, and the others.


  • Use the power of visibility

Place a vision board that has your goals. Seeing these goals repetitiously will help you to build the faith necessary to accomplish them.

  • Use the power of volume

Surround yourself with clusters of people who are aspiring to reach their highest potential. There is power in groups and numbers. One drop of rain absorbs quickly, but several can create traumatic impact.

  • Rinse and repeat

May God reshape the vibrations that we are sending off, so that we are able to attract more people that align perfectly with our vision, our goals, and the core of who we are!



Also, for more information on how to change your vibration and perception, check out this attached audio!



Question: What did you do to align your spiritual and physical voice? Leave your comments below.



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