War: Revelation 6 and the Second Seal


Discussing War, Revelation 6, The Second Seal, and it’s Impact On You






Since war has been an ongoing phenomena of our time, many people have a short-sighted look at history, and underestimate the biblical prophecy spoken by Yeshua in Matthew 24 or John thru the removal of the second seal in Revelation 6.  They watch our news which inflates world division, and follow the boat wagon of the latest race-baiter, the newest technology, or the most charismatic “peace” speech.  Let’s discuss how wars and rumors of war have changed in scope and influence over our 6000+ year world history.  Let’s go…



Familial Conflicts



In Genesis, we see the first conflicts leading to death following Adam and Eve’s fall in the garden.  Their first generation had a jealous spat as a result of God’s pleasure in the sacrifice of Abel, but His dissatisfaction with Cain.  Enraged and full of jealousy, Cain killed his brother Abel; this constituted the first familial conflict and the first murder.



Following this first conflict, the Bible gives details about other familial conflicts to include Jacob and Esau and Ishmael and Isaac.  Genesis also illustrates the beginning of betrayal and conflicts outside of the family to include Abimelech and Abraham, Abraham and Sodom, and Jacob and Shechem.



Enoch recorded the first presences of spiritual beings entering our physical reality in his book on the Watchers.  He introduced how they taught mankind about application of make-up and jewelry for sexual attraction, the creation of weaponry, the magical arts, astronomy, and manipulation of legal agreements was all a part of the teaching of these Watchers that led to man being judged in the flood and fallen angels being bound in an abyss.  Prior to the introduction of the immoral techniques transmitted by the fallen angels wide-scale war missions was not an option.



Yeshua prophesied that the end times would be like the days of Noah.  With the genetic modification of mankind with angelic beings, the rise in immorality that resulted from the Satanic union, and the introduction to supernatural immorality, we can only guess what extent this type of evil might have entailed.  We can only get glimpses of the scope of terror that may have been present from the first evil progenitor following the flood: Nimrod.



Nimrod’s conquests



After the flood, Nimrod was the first to conquest, transmit paganism, and fortify cities. He began “the time of the Gentiles” where pagan nations ruled the world.  He ruled from Shinar (modern day Iraq and Iran territories).  He gave authority to his citizens to build the tower of babel.  His influence has sat atop all other one world government systems; carrying pagan rituals for centuries and migrating to suit the palate of every Luciferian economy.  He introduced man-to-man dominion or mediumship between God’s leadership of man.  He exceeded the recommended authority of man’s leadership by placing a man-king between God and man’s relationship.  Some translators recognize that he was a hunter, but others recognize that he was a hunter of man’s souls.  Manners and Customs of the Bible has said, “the statement that Nimrod ‘began to be a mighty one in the Earth’ should better be read, ‘He was the first dictator in the Earth’.



Nimrod was the first Luciferian representation after the flood; re-introducing conquest, dominion over mankind, and Satan’s one world government, power-hungry agenda.  There has been no archaeological evidence to prove that during Nimrod’s time, weaponry and transportation were nearly as technologically advanced as they are today.  Contrary to today, they used animal bones, wood, and clays to make transportation and weaponry.  Manners and Customs of the Bible says that common weapons of Nimrod’s time were bow and arrow, slingshot, and blades made of animal bones.  Transportation was mostly animal-caravan.  The scope of their war potential was much more diminished than what we commonly 5000 years later.



Egyptian conquests



The second two thousand years of world history saw leaps of technological advancement.  Prior to the rise of the Egyptian empire, the most common form of economics was performed thru bartering goods and services.  Egypt added coinage.  Following Nimrod’s death, parts of his fortified cities were added onto.  Giants lived in that time, so we still see fascinating architecture that humans could not possibly make even today.  Communities like the Hittites, the Canaanites, the Anakim, and others were populations of Giants.  Despite the progressive growth across the world, the Egyptians lead in weapon technology and conquest in the likeness of Nimrod; placing many nations in their dominion.  The Egyptians flourished after Joseph provided them the salvation plan of their day; making Egypt the go-to place for world nations to overcome a severe worldwide famine (Genesis 41).  At its peak, the Egyptian empire governed most of Eastern Africa and a small fragment of the middle east.  Although the Egyptians had become very prominent, they forgot the strategy that led to their greatness, they placed Israel (their greatest ally) into slavery, and when God released them in the Exodus, they never flourished to the same extent again.



In Egypt’s time, weaponry and transportation increased technologically; making them a greater force in their conquests.  They used catapults (comparable to modern-day canons), they used swords, they domesticated wild animals like cheetahs, and they modified the blades of Nimrod’s time.  Their transportation became more swift because they went from animal caravans to swift, light, easily moveable chariots.  Navigation across the world took months if not years during Egypt’s time as the world super-power.



Babylonian-Assyrian Empire



Assyrian wars for world supremacy began around 1750 B.C. and covered the time of the enslavement of Israel in Egypt.  Assyrian-Babylon Empire governed modern-day Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, and parts of Turkey.  While Israel was experiencing enslavement and the exodus, Assyria was warring for world dominance.  During the period of 1211 BC-539 BC, Assyria and Babylon rose to their apex.  At times, they fought against one another, and at other times, they maintained a peaceful balance of world power.  During the reign of Kings David and Solomon, they experienced a lot of turmoil (civil war, conspiracy, and siege), so Israel was left peaceful, but following Solomon’s death, the split of northern and southern kingdoms in Israel, and the rise of immorality, God strengthened the kings of Assyria and Babylon to use them to discipline His children.  Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, and other prominent Bible figures documented their whereabouts during the time of the Babylonian and Assyrian conquests.  The Babylonian and Assyrian Empires had great libraries full of clay tablets, they had a system of writing, a postal system, efficient roadways, laws (such as the Hammurabi Laws implemented ca 2000 B.C. in Babylon), polytheistic sun god worship, a massive system of fortified architecture, a system of coinage, great irrigation and agricultural practices, naval power, and increased ability to battle across varying terrains.



The Assyrian and Babylonians have not been highly recognized for many new war inventions, however they did modify the devices that Egypt and other powerful nations were using.  They invented mobile towers for archers to have a good shooting vantage point.  They used various types of ladders to overcome fortification, and expand their conquest abilities.  Their most prominent offensive war tools were chariots, spearmen, bowmen, slingers, and cavalry.  While for defensive war, they used their building techniques, coats of mail and shields.



Medo-Persian Conquests

Persia defeated Babylon; releasing Israel and permitting them to resettle their land and rebuild their temple as the Bible documents in Ezra and Nehemiah.  Kings Cyrus, Darius, Xerxes, and Artaxerxes are the most notable of the Persian rulers.  The Persian Empire is largely remembered for religious tolerance, which made Persia highly respected among nations.



King Cyrus is one of the most notable gentile rulers in the Bible.  He was prophesied by the prophet Isaiah during the time of the Assyrian and Babylonian empires.  Isaiah 45:13 says, “I have aroused Cyrus in righteousness, and I will make all his paths straight; he shall build my city and set my exiles free, not for price or reward, says the Lord of hosts.”  He was used to foreshadow the coming Messiah by rebuilding the temple, releasing Yahweh’s people from captivity, by shepherding His people, and carrying out His purpose.



Unfortunate for the Israelites, they became so comfortable with Persian rulership; though they were permitted to return to their promised land, the preferred assimilating into Persian culture.  Their abandonment of God’s covenant and assimilation to paganism led to the rise of the Greek and Roman empires as tools for their discipline.  Egypt, the Middle Eastern countries (including modern day Israel, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan), and parts of northern India were all a part of the ancient Persian Empire.  They are most remembered for their ingenuity in architecture, engineering, and transporting water.  The Persian empire gathered a lot of the most prestigious technology of the preceding world empires, and modified them to meet Persian demand.  Canals, irrigation, and simple machinery have been found amongst the archaeological excavations of the Persian Empire.



Greek Conquests


Boiling, throwing over mountains, sword-fighting, fire-driven catapults, pulleys, axles, boats, simple machines, cuisine, education, medicine (to include nutritional medicine), Greek mythology, and formalized pluralism were added from prior empires and made the Greek empire swift and powerful.  At its apex, Greece governed modern-day Iraq, Iran, Greece, smal portions of Europe, Egypt, and Israel.  Alexander the Great would bribe the dissatisfied within a country, and introduce them to the “Better Greek Empire”.  He was accepting of various cultures and did not stress conform.  Many people accepted the Greek Conquests, contrary to prior empires where war was the majority necessity for conquest.  Greece still had many complications.  After Alexander died, four of his generals rose who divided his kingdom, and fought for ultimate control.  The death of Alexander the Great and the division of his kingdom into four was prophesied by Daniel during the Babylonian-Assyrian Empires’ reign.  He said:



  • “After this, I looked; and there was another one, like a leopard with four bird’s wings on its sides. The animal also had four heads, and it was given power to rule (Daniel 7:25).”
  • “The male goat then became extremely strong; but when it was strong, the big horn was broken; and in its place arose what appeared to be four horns in the directions of the four winds of heaven (Daniel 8:8).”



The Bible recognizes the influence of Seleucus in the book of Maccabees, and even prophesies that he is a foreshadow of the anti-messiah.  Nevertheless, Greece was a powerful tool of discipline to redirect the hearts of God’s people to Him as the end times “man of perdition” will also be.

Roman Conquests



Adding onto the technology of Greece, Rome improved the paved roads, map-making, and navigation.  They added onto the brutal methods of execution exercised by the Greek Empire like crucifixion.  The populace became numb to horrific forms of execution because of the brutality of their entertainment industry to include their gladiators.  At its zenith, the Roman Empire governed Spain, France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Northern Africa, Cyprus, and Crete.  Rome was the biggest empire up to its time.  Emperor Constantine, a worshiper of Mithra, the sun god, formalized a pagan form of Christianity.   He switched the days of worship from Shabbat to Sunday.  He formalized 73 books to be inserted into the Bible; banning many important books.  He formalized pagan “holy days” (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and the “high days” for human sacrifice), and made them universally recognized across the empire.  He martyred covenant-keepers who were not willing to forsake God to comply with his new pagan-Christianity, and he began calling himself “Christian” while also maintaining the role of Priest in the pagan temples as well.  Added onto Constantine’s influence is Julius Caesar (creator of the Julius calendar in 46 BC without wide recognition) and Pope Gregory (creator of the Gregorian calendar widely adopted between the 16th and 20th centuries).  Together, Rome and Great Britain have led the world into the universal modification of how time is recorded.  Accordingly, they have fulfilled the prophecy of Daniel which states, “He will speak words against the Most High and try to exhaust the holy ones of the Most High. He will attempt to alter the seasons and the law; and [the holy ones] will be handed over to him for a time, times and half a time (Daniel 7:25).”  The Roman twist on Babylonian religions still HEAVILY infiltrates Christianity and world religions.


British/United Nations Conquests



As an offshoot of Rome, the British Conquests overtook most of the world prior to the World Wars.  They gathered all of the wealthiest, most vicious (those that had inflicted the most death and world trauma), power and money-hungry Luciferian people in the world to economically and strategically further the agenda that had not yet succeeded under the flags of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, or Rome.  They used False flags, Nuclear Warfare, Word Wars I and II, French Revolution, Opium and drug Trade, military intelligence, The East Indian Company, Chemical and Biological Warfare (increased human-engineered sickness and food modification), Media propaganda, “humanitarian” missions, “war for peace”, human-animal genetic mixing, education control, taxes, religion and pagan-born entertainment, increase in immorality, the world bankers and economic warfare, food and water modification, surveillance, phone tapping, bar codes, internet “likes” and preferences as intelligence, sports idolatry, superhero idolatry, celebrity idolatry, social club idolatry, political and government idolatry, science idolatry, leisure and entertainment idolatry (to include electronics, television, and video games), materialism, self-worship, worldwide debt, subsidized housing, welfare, abandonment of reading God’s word and applying His covenants.  So much increase in technology has happened within the last two thousand years that entire continents can be destroyed by human-engineered devices, conversations can be tapped by devices outside of the Earth’s atmosphere, and people can be moved across the planet within less than one day’s time.  Spies can tap into radio waves rather than going undercover.  Hundreds of troops can arrive in enemy territory within hours rather than days, months, or years as was true in preceding empires.



The British-United Nations Empire has taken all of the technology and wickedness from all of the preceding empires added slyness and cunningest to them, and they have contested for world dominance since the 15th century: approximately 500 years! At their zenith, they governed the entire world with the exception of 22 countries.  The British-United Nations Empire governed most of Africa, most of North America, most of Europe, most of the Middle East and India, Australia, the Asian islands, and parts of South America. The British Empire has been the largest world empire to date.  They were almost successful at conquering and ruling the whole world. Today, with improved technology, strategy, war tactics, and funding, the British-United Nations Empire is resurrecting their prior unions to succeed in standing up the Satanic dream of a one world government under the authority of the anti-messiah.



So much increase in technology has happened within the last two thousand years that entire continents can be destroyed by human-engineered devices, conversations can be tapped by devices outside of the Earth’s atmosphere, and people can be moved across the planet within less than one day’s time.  Spies can tap into radio waves rather than going undercover.  Hundreds of troops can arrive in enemy territory within hours rather than days, months, or years as was true in preceding empires.  Nations are being manipulated and conspiracies are being planned to demolish any efforts suggesting national independence (such was the case in Libya and is the case in Syria).  There is an aggressive conspiracy prophesied in the Bible that is being stood up in our day.  Wake up and resist Satan!



Don’t you see the difference?  The Bible tells us about the end times, and now more than ever do we see how the world is positioned and capable to fulfill the things the prophets have spoken: the moral compass is being numbed, the capability of evil is substantial, war is increasing, and the Earth is crying our more than ever.  Could the second rider (the red horse who takes peace from the world) be riding today?

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