Webinars: 7 Tips for Hosting Good Webinars

How To Add Webinars Successfully


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Visibility is crucial to business success, and leveraging ways to speak to volumes at once is an excellent way to increase visibility.  Webinars are a way to achieve high volume appointments.  There are several different webinar platforms.  Typically, they will offer ways to:

  • Video Call
  • Record the video or play pre-recorded video for the audience
  • Notify the host of questions
  • Provide responses to the host
  • Connect email marketing campaigns and send reminders

Some platforms offer additional features including:

  • An embedded place to sell items during the webinar
  • Capture pages
  • Low price
  • Availability for many participants
  • Free Trial

When I first started in internet marketing, I was able to see many successful business owners use webinars to increase customer comfort, to launch products, and to educate others on topics surrounding their core message.  I quickly picked up on the result trend that the were getting as a result of using internet marketing in their regime, but I also noticed a few webinar MUSTs for success.


  • Be organized with content delivery

Pre-plan your content.  Write down your pointers.  Use a template to develop your webinar curriculum to cut the time that you spend pondering the construction and delivery of your message.

  • Aim for a short presentation

Talk like TED says to aim for 18 minutes.  Presentations that are too long lose the recipients’ interest so take advantage of the peak engagement.

  • Find ways to engage the audience

Involve the audience by having them tweet webinar quotes, doing exercises, asking questions, offering value, or something.  Allow audience engagement to keep the attention on your presentation.

  • Provide options for those that are camera shy but want to attend

Ensure that your webinar platform does not force cameras on, but allows anonymous viewers.

  • Mute the mics of listeners

The webinar presenter should be the only one heard during the presentation.  Other noises can be disruptive.

  • Clearly and precisely position your offer

During your webinar, you want to educate, educate, educate, and present your offer.  Do not make it confusing or present so many offers during your webinar that the choices are overwhelming.  Be clear and concise.

  • Notify the audience of upcoming webinars, events or other places where they can find more info

Share your website, Social Media sites, and where the listeners can find more information on your presentation topic.

Here are a few webinar platforms that you can shop thru if you are considering adding this to your regime:

I personally use EasyWebinarPlugin for the Mandatory Success Membership Live Q&A’s.  This plugin works very well, and delivers a high quality experience to the members and I.  Additionally, the webinar invites come from your custom domain.  For more information on it, Visit their site HERE.

I have also enclosed a video of a successful entrepreneur that uses webinars as a main means for income generation, check it out and take notes!

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Challenge: Decide if adding webinars is an advantage to your business.  Leave comments saying why or why not.



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