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5 Tips for Generating Income On Your Website



For business owners, having a website gives greater credibility.  A common question for customers to ask nowadays is, “What is your website?”.  With this in mind, as business leaders, we want to have a website up, but we do not want  it to be milking us for cash, so here are some tips to ensure that your website is generating income to minimally support itself.

  • Add Affiliate Sites to recognize other businesses that you use

Other retailers and businesses have affiliate programs.  An affiliate program is when a company  agrees to pay a certain amount for each sale or subscriber.  Affiliate income can be residual income, it could be pay-per-click, or it could be pay-per purchase.  The #1 benefit  of adding affiliate links to your site is that it creates a stream of passive income.

On my site, I have affiliate links.  Even if a person chooses to come to my site without  purchasing my services, affiliate links gives them an added opportunity to find something that they may like.

  • Add an e-commerce store or an affiliate store

Ecommerce stores are sites that sell goods.  Some sites sell goods that they have in their inventory while other sites do not.

Drop-shipping  is a common practice that is used by website owners whereby business owners can sell items on their site without having an inventory.  Basically with drop-shipping, the consumer purchases an item on a site, the drop-shipper places an order to another site to fill the order, but  ends the item to the purchasers address.  For more detail and strategies on drop-shipping, check out some of the references below.

Other e-commerce stores also have where you can get an embed code, and place portions of their store on yours and receive affiliate sales from each purchase without a person ever leaving your site.  Amazon is one of the stores that offers this phenomenon.  Authors that have mastered this passive income stream have books in the references below.

  • Add your services visibly to your site

The purpose in business is to serve customers.  Having a website is another avenue to broadcast these services to others.  One huge mistake is that business with websites place their services in a place where consumers must navigate to find the services.  Place the services visibly!

  • Have others back-link their site to yours

Back-linking your site is a win win.  When you back-link your site from others sites, it increases the SEO of both sites.

  • Add A Value-Packed Members-Only Area

Membership sites gives a great opportunity to offer high-value to people who actually want it.  Typically free information is not as appreciated.  Membership sites escalate the tempo of the people connected.  You tend to have greater zeal in your following amongst the paid people than the free.

I’ve added a video that I have done below on how to make a website.


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Please share the results that you’ve had from using any of these five tips on monetizing a website.

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