What No One Is Telling You About How A Study Of Church History Can Change Your Life

church history

Discussing How Church History Can Prepare You For Today and Tomorrow




church history


After Revelations, many people have not studied church history to see if this reaction has continued, and therefore, most are not reminded of the seriousness of true communion with God.  Many prophets throughout the Bible foretold an end to the world as we presently know it, and this end came with signs.  Do you know what they are?  Have you seen them popping up throughout our world?  Have you paid attention?  Well, now is the time, you MUST know what is going on in your world, or the end times may take you by surprise.


Grab something to make yourself comfortable ( a blanket, comfy slippers, or a comfy chair), and let’s discuss how church history ties into biblical prophesy, and how this effects you.  Don’t be fearful!  The end is the greatest thing that could ever happen to you IF your prepared.


While world history, the study of a country’s history, or a family’s history is important, one hidden truth is the pertinent role that the church has played from beginning to the biblical prophesied “end times”.  Church history is the MOST vital form of history to study.  You should know the history of man’s relationship with God and the direct effects of his choices to go away or steer closer to God.


Man’s relationship with God has been the single, most important thing that has effected the world’s affairs.  More than knowledge of math, science, literature, or even reading, you should know the cyclical status of man’s dealings with God.  Without knowing the effects of man’s relationship with God, and how this effects you everyday; not just your personal dealings with God, but those who founded your country, the men in your family, the people in your government, and their history with God, you are missing a crucial piece to your history puzzle; you are missing the Cause of each effect.  Without the Cause, you would not have a proper perspective on the power of God, and therefore, you cannot fear and honor Him as you should.


From the biblical account, we know that in the beginning was one man and one woman that walked alongside God.  They had the ability to communicate and interact with God in a way that we can only imagine today.  They betrayed God by eating from a tree that they were instructed not to eat from (the tree of Good and Evil).  God wanted them to eat from the tree of life; the tree that would replenish them and give them eternal life.  They chose a temporal life.  As a result of their actions, we see evil.  God’s original plan was for man to only see and experience life.


As a result of the choices of the first man and woman, we were bred into a world with good and evil.  With evil present, we could no longer have an intimate oneness with God.  He could no longer walk among us as He did with Adam and Eve.  With His light eclipsed by our choices, our world became more and more grim and dark.


As the Bible goes on, we understand the depth of their action and its effect on mankind.  Many evils began.  Adam and Eve’s son, Cain, was the first murderer, then, by Genesis 5, the population had grown substantially (we are given full geneology records), and evil had taken over the world.  Idolaters, witchcraft, hatred, factions, sexual immorality, and many other evils dominated the world to the point that the world needed to be cleansed.  In that instance, God cleansed the world by wiping our every living thing with the exception of one pure-faithful man, Noah, his family, and the animals that he was instructed to bring (7 pairs of each kind of clean animal and 2 pairs of each kind of unclean animal – See Leviticus 11 for further details).  Then, skipping forward thousands of years, we are offered the opportunity to walk with God again because of one just man who died, so that we could have the experience that Adam and Eve sacrificed.  Despite the availability of this salvation, most are still unaware of the access that we can have, and we still experience turmoil as a result of our choices.  Church history will tell you so.


Throughout the Bible, you see man’a relationship with God.  At some points, they were very yielded and focused; willing to invest and sacrifice anything to be obedient.  At some points, they were mingling with opposite thinkers, and began to ask themselves, “Do I really need to be so abrupt and stern with God’s directions to me?”.  At some points, they had completely abandoned God’s word, and all kinds of evil happened.  And, you see judgement: the first major judgement was the curse that effected the world where the tree of life was no longer readily available, then the flood, then the wiping out of Sodom and Gomorrah by the angelic army with fire, and many more instances throughout.  Sometimes judgement appeared as a natural disaster, sometimes a war, sometimes, bondage (such as the case in Babylon, Egypt, Assyria, Greece, or Rome), sometimes poor health, but all of these signs showed the heart.  When you read about church history, you will understand the importance of staying yielded to God by learning from the experiences of those that have preceded you.  Why would you want to learn the hard way if you don’t have to?


Action Steps :


1. Pick up a church history book or video

2. Study how man’s relationship with God directly effected the world

3. Sound the alarm and share your findings with others

4. Ask God for increased revelation about how to apply the wisdom from church history to your life


This playlist will help you to put together information about church history:

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