Why (At Times) It Is Good To Camouflage Your Feelings

How To Use Emotional Control For Leverage


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Camouflage is a defense mechanism whereby a living organism transforms their appearance to blend into their environment. Camouflage is the ability to conceal by making alterations to oneself that would change the perception of an onlooker.

Few animals can become camouflage as a way to defend themselves from their prey.  When they are camouflage, their prey may not see them or detect them, so their ability to blend into their environment extends their life.

There is wisdom in the ability to be camouflage.  In some circumstances, your perceived difference can provide a means to attack. In situations (even innocent ones) when you appear largely unique, you can become a target, so it is best to know when to be camouflage and when to stick out.

In the American Revolution, the citizens of the American colonies had become so overwhelmed by erroneous taxes and laws without representation within the British Parliament.  Without training, funding, and wartime equipment, the colony residents decided to fight for their independence from Britain. The British were not vulnerable to the American militia had they gone head on for war, but they did not pursue battle this way.  The American colonists had the disadvantage in regards to quantity of military personnel, tactical skills, uniformity of procedure, and many other things.  However, the American militia practiced camouflage in their transport of messages and in their tactical procedure.

They used invisible ink to transmit messages; making the message camouflage to the paper, and unreadable to an onlooker.  They also practiced camouflage tactical procedures such as climbing, wearing neutral colors, hiding, mapping skills, and intermingling with the non-militia community.  When the British soldiers were shot, they were not certain where the shot came from, so the camouflage prolonged the life of the attacker.  When secret messages were found, outsiders did not see writing, so the secrets were protected from ill or defensive interpretation.

At times, it is necessary for you to gain “secret” insight.  At times, you may not know a person’s intent by their words.  You may not be able to follow their actions well if you are visible, so how do you discover the intent of others if you do not become camouflage?  The snake knows how to balance camouflage for predator and identity for prey, and wisdom says that you should maintain that balance too.

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