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Visionaries (especially those that are heart-based), typically have a hard time attaching a wealth formula to their business structures.  What do you do if you have a message of love and empowerment without slyly back-ending your customers or clients into a scheme to monetize?  Many people are out there saying, “do this and become wealthy”, “do that and you will become wealthy”.  While there are many ways to change the momentum of your wealth accumulation, one formula in particular has sparked my interest because it connects with the life of impact and the Mandatory Success motto of “Reaching Our Highest Potential in life”.

Last night, I received an email from podcasting queen, Kris Gilbertson that had a link where I could download a book that has since been very helpful to my growth towards expanding my business.  She sent me a a link to a book called, Wealth Thru Workshops by Callan Rush.  In Callan Rush’s videos, she is reaching out to “luminaries”, all those heart-based businesses to teach them how to add a “SUCCESSFUL” workshop strategy into their business model.  I have yet to read and comment on the book, but I want to share the immense knowledge that I have gleaned from watching her videos.  Though the videos packed a punch, I will do my best to pour everything I learned in four streamlined tips, and if you want more info directly from her, visit her website below.

  • wealth = volume x intimacy

Callan Rush says wealth equals volume times intimacy.  Although many web based formulas suffice to cover the ability to reach the masses, “volume”, they cannot beat workshops in intimacy.  At workshops, individuals have the opportunity to learn from the host, but also extrapolate the message and network with like-minded people.  The intimacy of a workshop is irreplaceable.

  • workshops are still a viable addition to business

Many people will warn you that event planning can be risky IF you lack the ability to magnetize.  Callan Rush says that three “M’s” are required for a successful seminar and workshop business:

  1. Magnitize-The attraction and marketing to bring people to your business
  2. Mesmerize-Provide quality content that has the wow factor.
  3. Monetize
  • Streamline the demographics that your message is assigned to

Another seasoned marketer, Melinda Caldwell with Retire With Melinda was advising me the other night saying, “Tiffany, you have to narrow your demographics”.  I appreciate her advice, and the “ah, hah” moment happened as I watched Callan Rush on her video.  Our demographics should describe:

  1. The industry that will appeal to your message: doctors, lawyers, spiritual people, artists, etc.
  2. The approximate age
  3. The potential problems that your populace may be facing
  4. The economic class
  5. Buying motives and interests (they typically make business purchases, kitchen appliances, etc.)
  •  The 3%, 7%, 30%, 30%, 30% formula

Callan Rush says that we need to cater to the entirety of our future audience:

  1. 3% of your future followers are looking for you NOW
  2. 7%-
  3. 30%-Know that they have the problem, but are planning to solve it in the future
  4. 30%-
  5. 30%- Do not know that they have the problem that you solve
  •  Education-based marketing

Marketing a lot of quality information that teaches others (examples: Youtube videos to teach, webinars to teach, books to teach, etc.)

  •  The spiral funnel (solve one problem at a time)

Schedule your workshops to solve one problem at a time.  Reverse your thinking from saying, “I want to schedule a seminar, what should I talk about?”, to “I want to solve the problems of others, what problem can I solve first?”.  Workshop One should be provided at the greatest frequency.  Workshop to can be performed half as much as workshop 1.  Then workshop three should be performed half as much as workshop two.  The spiral can go on and on, but should always be a presentation of a problem of your following solved.

I am beyond appreciative of her videos and help, check her website, videos, and books HERE.

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